mandag den 9. maj 2011

Costumed dragons

This weekend the 4th annual SVScon was held in Jutland. I went over there directly after school Friday and got settled at the con.
(I totally love my friends' The Road to El Dorado cosplaysss! I just had to have a photo with them...)

I talked with a whole lot of my friends and just had a lot of fun!
Oh my gosh, when I saw these How To Train Your Dragon cosplayers I just immediately called Astrid, whom did not attend the con, and told her!! She was sad she wasn't there to see them, but fangirled with me any way.

The convention's location was in the deep outskirts of a pretty average sized town, and there were noooooo places to eat other than the canteen at the con. And that was really expensive. But oh well.

and I participated in a team quiz and we actually WON. We were so surprised at that outcome because our team was up against some really WE-KNOW-EVERYTHING types. We won a gift card for one of the stalls, but because I couldn't really find anything special I liked, I just bought this kitty set for fun. And then everyone had to try it on, ahha!

I cosplayed as Toa from Dragonaut on Saturday. I've wanted to do a sci-fi cosplay for a long while and I'm so glad that I did it. Friday I used my Kim P again. Isn't wig-hair just sexxxxy?

Line and Louise's Tangled cosplays were so brilliant. I just couldn't stop touching Line aka Flynn's vest - the fabric was so soft!

Trollface will haunt you. And so will Nadia and my awesome faces in this last photo.


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  1. sdmfksmfksdkmfmsfksdkfksdkfm. My face, on your blog. and you calling our cosplay cool. I dont sfmakfmaskmd <3!

    Tak for en fantastisk weekend. Du er åndssvagt sød <3

  2. you all look amazing and it looks hella fun =)

  3. Gode billeder, gode billeder <3

  4. Haha trollface! I'm so glad I made that xD
    Out faces are epic in the last pic, bff! <3
    Sora: "I just had seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....x... and gewd!"
    Dig: "Nooooooo... did noooot..."

  5. That neko-nyan set, right? Best. Thing. Ever!!!

  6. Fu yes, Eldorado! Og de Tangled cosplays er da for awesome!

  7. Du var rigtig sej!

    Glad for at vi kom til at snakke sammen :D