søndag den 22. maj 2011

Documenting fun

The 58-year birthday celebration (my mom's 40 years plus my 18) with my family was really nice. I got to talk to some of my family members, whom I do not see that often. My grandmother was there and I hadn't seen her for two years! So it was good to see her.

People liked the baking I'd been doing for three hours - so that was good haha!
I mostly ate fruit and small cakes though, haha. Snacking all the way.

My parents gave me this really brilliant book. They spent 12 hours collecting and choosing which pictures from my childhood were to make the book! I was actually sort of crying reading through it... I used to be so small - where did all the years go? Every year goes by even faster than the previous one.

All the places we've traveled to, all the friends I've made. Even pictures of my kindergarten sweetheart, haha!

And then I've been up to a little private fun. Look at 2:25 in the video above. And now see what I did to one of my Buzzs (Buzzs... can you say that in plural??):

I so love him like this, haha! Impossible not to laugh every time I look at him.


6 kommentarer:

  1. wow that book is amazing ♥ I even almost cried when I read your parents made it for you ♥ that is so sweet and so wonderful! It makes me sad when I see old pictures of myself too u.u time flies so quickly, it actually scares me now that I am 20 > <

    happy birthday to you and your momma!! wow your mom is only turning 40! so young! enjoy all the time you have with her and never waste a day ♥

    i'm really sentimental about my parents now because my mom is 50! and my dad is 60! > <

    anyways, great post!! (:
    have a great day!!

  2. Du har tegnet på ham, hahahaha <3 Elsker at du gjorde det !!!

    Det ser virkelig lækkert ud til 'fødselsdagen', og bogen er da bare en af de sødeste gaver jeg nogensinde har set !

  3. Putting fruit on top of that kind of cake is a CRIIIIIME!! There should be lots of candy :c

    And how nice that you and your mom could combine your birthday parties! Much easier for each party.

    And that book is such a cute and personal gift ♥

  4. Your parents seem like the nicest ones on earth *_*

  5. Ved du hvor dine forældre har fået lavet bogen henne? :)

  6. Det er noget man kan igennem iPhoto :D