søndag den 17. april 2011

Left, right, left, right!

Woaaah, this week has been crazy. Unusually long school days and SRO, one of danish high school's big assignments, after school - because apparently my school doesn't think it's all that important and won't give the pupils time off to write it as about 80 % of all the other high schools do.

But that is over and done with!
And so is this year's prom/gala. The tradition on my school is that some of the graduating classes make entertaining 10-minute shows then followed by an opening procession. Then they dance two different oldies (les lanciers and some other I can't remember).

I hosted the warm-up/dress-up for the girls. It was really fun even though we had some crisis - I didn't have ANY nail polish remover in my house, which is a bit odd for a person who own about 100 nail polishes... At least some of the girls thought so, haha.

So we entered the partayyyy. And suddenly felt an anxiety for next year due to the extremely gorgeous dresses the graduating girls/women wore.

The whole school was now able to participate in the lanciers dances. Every 30 minutes they started a new round and they last about 15 minutes. And I tell you it gets hot in that room when hundreds dance les lanciers. So once a round had finished you went upstairs to cool down - only to go down once again for the next round.

Most female students wore high heels. And since lanciers can be a very fast dance sometimes it is very hard to dance in heels - at least it takes some focus away from making the correct steps. Especially in the "Male mill" (herremøllen) heels make the dance harder. A lot of girls just took off their heels to make dancing easier - hence the shoes laying around.

AND! One of the male graduates wore a kilt! Jesus, we were laughing every time he passed us. He was very awesome indeed.

Some lovely girls from my class and myself (with horribly visible tan lines).
The boys from our class wasn't really keen to dance around, so we just danced with random guys or each other. I'm glad I've got such brilliant girls in my class.

It was quite an experience (reminding you I didn't go to this school last year). And a good one at that!


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  1. Hvor er jeg glad for du har det godt <3

  2. glad you had so much fun!
    I wish you'd posted a whole bodyshot of your dress, because the litte what I see in the picture above: looks great. would have loved to see the whole dress ^-^

  3. Party and people in dresses and... kilts? Pretty awesome. 8D

  4. So..much..dancing! Poor feet :c
    You look soooooooooo cute!!

  5. Det ser super sjovt ud ! Meget mere end så mange andre steder ! <3

    Og du ser så super sød ud <3 <3