fredag den 8. april 2011

Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona has past

It's weird that it's already been a week since it was the last night in Barcelona.

You might wonder why I'm wearing a scarf like that. It was my April's Fools' Day's prank. Me and a fellow classmate wore them and told everyone we had been converted to islam. We were worried it might provoke some people, but the muslims in my class kept saying that it was really okay. So I'm hoping!
... It was pretty fun seeing myself in a scarf though.

But of course we all went shopping on this trip. A lot too. And before you all start telling me that I bought TOO much, I'd just like to say that the other girls bought more! Not that it makes it any better...

Jewelery and nail polish from Claire's and Bijou Brigitte.
Apparently the sale period had just ended. All the stores had some sale items left, but it wasn't a lot. Still - I got a whole lot of the things I bought for a lower price.

Three (semi)long-sleeved shirts and three tees/tanks. And then one gorgeous dress and a pair of shorts.
Seriously, I'm loving that dress!

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And to end this post is one of the cool things we found on the Cosmo Caixa experimental museum. It was dizzy-making.


2 kommentarer:

  1. lol i'm from kuwait and people here take it so seriously sometimes =)
    but i find it fun that foreigner girls wear scarves or chadores! =D
    and it's funny that we have americans wear dishdasha ( traditional gulf arabian men's costume ) xD
    but honestly you look so adorable ^ . ^

    &&& wow cool thingies! the claire's nail polishes are really cute! love the colors so much :33

    wonderful blog ^_^
    love and hugs! <3

  2. I'm so jealous of all the things you purchased =) really cool stuff!
    and don't worry, people shouldn't take themselves to seriously from time to time ^^