mandag den 25. april 2011

It started with a blast and ended with a punch

The Easter holiday is finished. When I wake up tomorrow I'll have to go to school. Where did all the days disappear to?
The holiday started with a 9th graders reunion party - which was superb and I had a blast! - and now I've just returned home from watching Sucker Punch (review will be up tomorrow).

I guess some of the days disappeared while the lovely Sascha was here. She came over Friday afternoon and we went to bed ridiculously early after falling asleep to Sleeping Beauty (yes, I know, great joke).
Saturday we went to Tivoli with Louise and her parents.

The park was dolled up for Easter and that was our reason for going. We had a really nice time - probably because the weather was amazing. Sascha and I wore nothing on our legs and/or arms!! IT WAS LIKE SUMMER.

The Easter bunny in a small parade. I find it to be pretty damn cute. But on the other hand the wolf was brilliant. Look at it! Just chilling on top of a hen house.

The parade was so silly - dancing and awful rimes! We all felt bad for the children in those lamb costumes and the adults in those chickens - it must have been bogus in that heat!

When Sascha had moved on to her last stop on her friends list Sunday I got fancy dressed for a classmates' 18th b-day party. It was fun as always!


3 kommentarer:

  1. LOL your so silly! Looks like you had an amazing day! You look beautiful as always!

  2. Ai låff u ♥

    And I also love the children wearing lamb-kigu's. Awesome.

    You look sooo cute in that outfit!! Love your hair! But the blush is very orange in those pictures :c

  3. Det var dejligt at tilbringe nogle gode dage med dig, og Sascha !

    Dit sidste outfit er virkelig fedt!