tirsdag den 5. april 2011

Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona part 2

One of my favourite places in Barcelona from this trip was the Industrial Park in Sants. It was a mix between old and new and playful at the same time.

If we'd had the time I would so have stayed in the sun on one of those stairs. Sadly we were on a kind of tight schedule - we had to do a lot of school stuff the first 4 days.

The weather was amazing! So much sun! Only a few selected from my class had brought sunglasses so about 20 of us ran about wearing the same sunglasses - just in different colours - bought straight off the Rambla, haha.
Uuuhm, pasta <3

I kind of loved this sunglases-trick we came up with. In the first picture you can see yours truly and in the picture above our history teacher's fave church.
Of course we had to eat tapas one of the nights. It wasn't the best, but what can you ask for when we have to be an entire class together at one restaurant?

Cheese <3
I wore one of those pedometers to keep track of how many steps I made during the trip. These are the numbers from Tuesday. 11,5 km is not bad at all!


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  1. Hold op hvor er du et overskuds menneske med al den gåen xD <3

    Osten ser vildt lækker ud og jeg er overhovedet ikke jaloux på din tapas :C

  2. the Park looks so cool! futuristic and very creative =)