onsdag den 15. december 2010

Monday with classics

I'm so sorry for not updating much. School is crazy these days. We've had some major assignments these past weeks. And because I started 2nd year at a this school I have to write a big history report in the upcoming holiday - one that my classmates wrote last year. Therefore I have to discuss a whole lot of things with my hisotry teacher and work on that report alongside all my other homework. I am so stressed out :(

But anyway - I went to the cinema this Monday with Line and Morten. We saw Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. It was only on for a week and we all agreed we just had to catch the last showing.
It was really cool to watch it on the big screen! I noticed a whole lot of things that I've never seen before - like the vampires having white eyes, details in the scnery and such. The 3D was a really great bonus most of the time, but at some points it just made everything blurry - I don't know if it's because the original film is damaged from aging or if it's bad 3D though.

The cinema we saw it in is located in a mall and they had of course glammed the place up for christmas. The funny thing is that I didn't notice it before 10 minutes after my arrival. It lights the place up so much!

And that wasn't the end of the classic movies. In english class we watched the original A Christmas Carol movie from1939 or something like that. Our teacher told us that he had to show us because it was a part of our general education.
It was very nice to watch it. I think I've seen a ton of clips from the movie because there were a lot of times where I found myself thinking "Haven't I seen this before? And not just in another version?"

I really haven't felt the christmas spirit because of all the current stress. But those lights and those movies got me to take time to feel it. Christmas is no time for stress.


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  1. Jeg er overhovedet ikke misundelig over at du har set Nightmare before Christmas OG været samme med Line på samme dag. Overhovedet

    Føj for den da med opgaven... Håber du klarer den! DHO er en bitch i know you'll death it ;D

    - Kristine

  2. Wah, jeg så faktisk The Nightmare Before Christmas i søndags 8D Det er en klassiker man adrig bliver træt af<3

  3. Var det ude på Fisketorvet? (: De har også den bedste 3D biograf, men det ligner bare deres julepynt!

    A Christmas Carol er en helt fantastisk fortælling. Tror allerede jeg har set 2009 versionen 9 gange her i december (: Fantastic!

  4. Ei, har de lavet den i 3D - hvor er det nice :D
    - Super heldigt at I lige nåede det !!

  5. ooh, Im jealous. I would love to see The Nightmare Before Christmas on a big screen.

    That thing with your history paper really sucks :((( Wouldn't want to write something like that doing the holiday.

  6. Please don't die in school :x

    Haven't they started to send TNBC in 3D every year? :D Sounds so cool none the less!

  7. I feel so fabulous with those 3D glasses on. *cough*

    Haha no, but it was a nice evening really.. And I'm happy that we got to watch it just before they stopped plaing it :3 (see? I'm actually trying to start updating/reading blogs again! Success! ...at least so far haha) ♥

    I hope you don't have to stress too much .-. Hang in there, it's almost time for the christmas holidays.. ^-^