lørdag den 18. december 2010

Knocking on the sky and listening to the sound

I went with Morten to watch Tron Legacy yesterday. I hadn't watched the 1982 movie though and neither had he in like 10 years. So firstly we watched that at his place and then went to the cinema with all it's details etc. fresh in mind.
I've been so hyped about this movie. When I found out that Daft Punk was doing the soundtrack I was freaking out. I've loved Daft Punk since I was 9 or something like that and the movie just seemed to be so... them! Also, I love sci-fi - it's the best - and the two things combined was just epicness waiting to happen.

I totally tried to dress up. Turns out it's kind of hard when you have nothing sci-fi-ish in your closet. But I just went a little crazy with my make-up to make up for that, ahha. My dad asked me if I had been on a date when I came home - all that "war paint" in my face taken into account.
My eyeshadow actually matched the colour of my earrings perfectly irl.

The 1982 movie was so bad, hahah. I was laughing real hard because of the poor graphics and I didn't think much of the plot.
But when I saw Legacy I was really happy that I'd watched the first movie!! There's a whole lot of references that you'd think no big of if you hadn't seen Tron 1 but was soooo cool if you had! They reuse a lot of the designs and technical ideas from the former movie too - just in new, updated versions.
Of course you're meant to think Sam is sort of hot, but I was actually fangirling way more about Gem, that totally awesome sci-fi gal on 1:31 in the trailer. She. is. gor. ge. ous. And kind of a futuristic gyaru.

I was sitting in the cinema with my hands clenched by my neck and eyes wide open from the point where Sam comes to the Grid and throughout the rest of the movie. My heart was pounding so hard sometimes that I could have sworn andrenaline was rushing through my veins. I got goosebumps all over quite a lot and I was so happy because of all the Daft Punk music.
So yeah. I am loving Tron Legacy.

I never really wear my circle lenses. And yesterday I found out that there's a crack in one of them. Makes me sad and annoyed - it was only my 2nd time wearing them!!
And because the display was there - and I wanted to have some fun by forcing Morten into that head-hole - who's ready for Tangled??

I haven't had time to go into town before this week. They always put up that big Christmas tree on the Town hall square and decorate the streets with lights.
I went with Louise today to buy the last christmas presents. Now I'm so relieved that it's not one of my stress factors anymore. I had a really nice time with her even though it was snowing and so damn freezing.


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  1. Jeg ELSKER det hår. Det ser fantastisk ud og det gør du også! Elsker hvordan du bare kan smække pandehåret på også ser det helt naturligt ud, haha ;D
    ps, juletræet er made of awesome

  2. Seriously love your look here, very unique! May I ask what your bottom lashes are?? They're always so perfect... :O

    I never knew much about Tron at all except from Kingdom Hearts game (nerd). Now from all the hype I keep hearing about it, I really want to watch it!!! >o<

  3. wow! blev helt forvirret over dit hår, kiggede tilbage for at se hvornår du nævner noget hårfarve. det klæder dig sygt godt, forstår slet ikke hvordan det kan se så naturligt ud? go gurl!

  4. Can't waittt to watch TRON. everybody blogging about it atm makes me so excited :D

    Love your hair! The silver bangs looks super cool and your bun so.. soft! haha, it really does!

  5. UFFFF your make-up ;A; And ufff your hair!
    You really look like a model in those pictures, and the circle lenses + the make-up just makes your eyes pop (in the awesome way)!

    I'm so not jealous of everyone who've seen Tron Legacy. Who wants to see that stupid movie? I don't want to see that stupid movie...... at all... and the trailer does not look amazing... at all..... so there :C

    Haha no, I'm freaking envious and I can't wait to watch it asap ♥ It just won't be in the cinema, since I don't have any money left ;_; Fml!

    I'm happy that you've finally finished your christmas present shopping :3 I still gotta find a few more, but then I'm done too!

  6. Årh, vi skal snart ind og se den film <3 <3 <3

    Elsker din make-up, den er virkelig flot og klæder dig !

    Det var så rart at få shoppet julegaver sammen med dig. Det er mega rart at det er overstået :,D

  7. I LOVED GEM'S DESIGN SO MUCH. I researched about her before going to the movie just because she looked so gorgeous in the trailer :$ The contacts she's wearing..maan, they're hot.

    Your imitation of her makeup is very good :D

  8. Your hair and make look AMAZING

    also I feel so ":O wow" that you have the same Tangled displays that we have in the UK haha XD

  9. Your HAIR! <3
    I think you did well on being all futuristic and sci-fi ish with your outfit ;D

    and yes! Tron Legacy was deffently worth EVERY minute! I won't pay for seeing it again tho. but I WILL buy it on BlueRay the minute it's released! 8D
    and yes, Gem is hot! :D I liked Quorra too actually, she was kind of odd :D

    And YES, YES I'M SO READY FOR TANGLED! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE THE TRAILERS! can't wait for it to come honestly! it's gonna be great!
    (I have a strange urge to see it in a kigurumi actually, do not ask why, hmm)

  10. awww looks like you had a wonderful holidays~ n_n I love the last pic of you the one with a bun on your hair~ too cute! >.<