torsdag den 16. december 2010

Relaxed funkyness

Look what came in the mail - my Konad nail art things! If you haven't heard about this series, don't feel bad - I didn't either before two weeks ago. One of my followers and frequent commenters Ruth made a review about the product series on her blog a while back. That's how I found out about it!

It's really a clever idea. You have the image plate with the desired pattern. You fill it out with nail polish, scrape off the undesired nail polish and tranfer what's left of the polish over to the rubber stamper. Then you roll the pattern across your own nail. Simple and easy!

... sort of any way. It took me a littel while to figure out excatly how much polish I should use, how to tranfer etc. So the result isn't all that. But practice makes perfect!

When I left this container in the morning it was empty. And then I came home to all that candy. Awww thanks dear parents! That totally saved my day, haha.

I finally decorated my room for christmas. Usually I do it the 1st of December, bur because of all that's been going on I only just did it this Sunday. Which is really sad because it creates such a cozy atmosphere.
God Jul means "Merry Christmas" in danish.

God, I love those.. snow globes? Is that the correct name? The ones I have date some years back, so they remind me of the past - in a good way.

I'm going to dine with my classmates and teachers in a bit. This will be fun - we're planning on getting our teachers drunk.


5 kommentarer:

  1. ... Jeg fattede ingenting af hvordan de der negle fungerede xD
    - Kristine

  2. Oooh those konad stamps are so much fun! My cousin uses them when she does my nails. :3

    That's so sweet of your parents to fill up your jar! It would totally brighten up a bad day. :)

  3. I've got that Konad plate ^_^ It really is practise but when you've got it you'll get SOOO many compliments x

  4. Dine negle <3
    Købte mit eget sæt ca. 1 timer efter du tog hjem sidste weekend <3 <3

  5. Aww, har selv set på det-der neglesæt ting. Men besluttede mig for at vente til jeg var helt sikker på at det var en god idé, haha :D Kan godt lide det du har fået lavet, og ja som sagt, øvelse gør mester!
    Mmm slikskål <3 rigtig hyggelige stemningsbilleder! Og lol den snowglobe minder mig bare om vores Poupee-skuffelse :(