torsdag den 9. december 2010

Oh, my giant (epic) blue head!

Yesterday I went to watch Megamind in 3D with Sty, Rikke and Sofie. The movie isn't reaching the cinemas before next week, but I wanted to watch it in the original version so I had to watch it yesterday - you see, it's not coming to Denmark in english. But they showed it in english just this once and I was sooo happy that I found out that the girls was going - and that I could tag along.

Quick summary: Megamind is a villain whom accidentally suceeds in taking over Metro City. But after a while he grows bored and decide to create a new superhero to give him some kind of resistance. But something goes wrong.

When I first saw the teaser back in March I was so sad that I had already seen something from the movie - that just made the wait for the awesomeness longer. But I must say that the wait paid off. I was laughing my ass off 90 % of the time.
The scipt was amazingly well written! Quite odd use of words but out of the mouths of the epic characters the effect is very good.

Ever since I saw Blades of Glory I've adored Will Ferrell. He's absolute perfect for the voice of Megamind. It's almost as if the character's designed for him. Also, who goes to Comic con all dressed up as his own character? How great can one man be.
Will Ferrell is behind the comedy song "Cool guys don't look at explotions -they just walk away" and in this movie Megamind is stumbling away from an explotion caused by himself, and he's standing too close and keeps looking back to see where the next fragment from the explotion will hit. I thought that to be very ironic and I'm wondering if it's done purposely.

The music used in the movie is really great. I knew all the numbers very well so that was really funny to watch like soundtracks.
I actually found it very chick flick-ish as well. It's actionpacked and filled with humor, but there's a whole lot of romance in it as well. And it actually fits the movie.
Enough said about big, blue heads. If you want a good laugh, go see it now.

I bought some of the oh-so-famous Dolly wink lower lashes while I was in Japan. But I wasn't sure if they suited me/my style. Yesterday was the first time I tried them on. What do you guys think?

Buzz on the 6th and Rex on the 7th. Reuse of character on the 8th :(

And for those of you who know nothing of Megamind, here you go:

Don't watch any more trailers if you want to watch it. It's funnier that way.


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  1. Dolly Wink vipper ser ALTID godt ud !! love it!

  2. I've seen the trailer so many times already but haven't watched it. >o< Now that I hear so good reviews from you, many I will! I need a good laugh after so much stress lately. XD

    As for the Dolly Wink they're cute on you! I just bought baby cute (not sure if they're the same ones on you) recently but I'm not sure how they suit me either. XD

  3. I wanna watch it I wanna watch it WHY IS IT ONLY IN DANISH IN THE THEATERS.....
    It looks so funny. Ever since I saw someone post pictures on a board, I knew I have to watch it :D

    The lashes look really good on you! You have the kind of eye shape that can bear it!

  4. AWH MAN, why didn't they show it in English here?!?!?! :( Suuucks. I don't wanna see it in Danish. It's the same with Despicable Me and Legend of the Guardians.