søndag den 5. december 2010

Heads up

I decided it was time for a more season-appropiate header. It was snowing like craze though so I only stepped out on my stairs for these photos, haha. I don't really understand why it became kind of grainy in the quality, but oh well. I hope it's not too unpleasant to look at.

My parents gave me the fur hat and mittens ! They are pretty awesome. At first I wasn't sure about whether or not I should return the hat, but it's just sooo warm and comfy, so I couldn't really resist keeping it.

In my Toy Story choco calendar the 3rd was a (sort of ugly) Woody, yesterday was Jessie again (wtf?!) and today it was Hamm.
Some of you mentioned in my last post that you have advent calendars - what is this?? Is it that you receive gifts on every Advent or...? I'm looking forward to responses on this, since it's something I'd actually really like to know.


8 kommentarer:

  1. Your hat looks sooooo soft and warm! Maybe I should start wearing my fur hat again :D

    I've had advent calenders before, and yeah - it's when you get a gift on each of the 4 advents XP

  2. Love the hat I really need to get one I've been craving more hats :L I nearly went on a crazy hat spree online about a week ago XD

    Love the outfit and the picture's gorgeous! ^3^

  3. I think it suits you incredibly well, that hat - a definite keeper imo!

    And the header's cute :3

  4. aw very cute outfit ^^
    and love the fur hat!

  5. The header is super small om my computer :( But very lovely! All that snow, it looks so magical! And I loove the furhat your parents gave you! I want one like it, they're so cute and warm! But I don't have the monay :c

  6. Synes du ser super cute ud med den hat! Behold den!

    Var ret tæt på at købe den der Toy Story julekalender til mig selv, haha (: Får hverken advents eller kalendergaver.. Vi går ikke så meget op i det herhjemme!

  7. Liv, der er spiraler i din header. Faktisk i dit navn.

    Men hvor er den hat bare sød til dig <3

  8. Cute new header! Totally season appropriate!! Also, the mittens look so nice *_*