fredag den 22. juli 2016

Danish Vacation

 Back in Denmark meant actually good croissants for breakfast, strong cheese, and tasty bread haha. And naturally Fridays at Rasmus' with games (Tokaido this time).

It also meant rain, warming baths, and a delayed birthday/graduation present: A fantastic painting by Shanon Taylor, the artist I had gawked over in San Francisco. It is so beautiful!

 Saturday I had people popping into my garden all day. We played croquet, viking game, spoons, and just talked for hours on end. It was a long day, but a really great one.

 Monday I went to Tivoli with Stine and her girl!

 Weather was great and the ducklings were adorable. Rikke joined us for dinner at Waga and the two of us sat outside as the sun set, talking. Catching up in person just feels better.
I saw her on Tuesday too, since we thought Louis had found a figure drawing class we could take. He had misheard (they take place on Thursdays), so we watched Pirates: Band of Misfits instead.

Wednesday I drove myself and Mum to the countryside to visit my family. We got pancakes at my grandmother's and then headed back down to Copenhagen - stopping at our favourite jam sellers first though.

 Thursday meant more socializing with my semi-aunt and -uncle.

I then went to meet up with a few people. They were late, so I walked around the area instead, reconnecting with the city.

They arrived and we had chats and cheese fries.

 We went home early-ish, but it was good to be able to take the train back and not be tired when packing the next morning.

 Because Friday I was off to LA again.

Greenland was less beautiful this time, because it was mostly covered in clouds. Shame. Did get to watch the Peanuts movie, Anastacia, The Best Marigold Hotel, Pan, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - and the last few minutes of Creed. Yup, didn't get much sleep. There were two babies directly in the seats behind me.

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