mandag den 4. juli 2016

Beachy Games

After all the Prom hullabaloo we decided to head to the beach. In our excitement, we forgot to check the weather forecast and as a result we went on a cloudy day. It was still lovely enjoying the beach breeze though. And we had fun observing as some workers were setting up a beach wedding.
Heather drove me both ways and even showed me the Modern Family house (Jay and Gloria's) haha!

The Santa Monica steps are quite steep. We then headed for a bar in the middle of the day and played taboo and a few other games.

I then got re-styled and headed DTLA with Zia and Melvin.

First stop was Eighty Two, an arcade bar that Will had invited us to. It was fun, but super crowded - would love to come back on a weekday some time. They even had Fun House! My dad was so happy when I showed him the photo of me next to our old flipper, haha. 
Then we went dancing. Also cool. 

 Back in the apartment, everyone was moving out. Bittersweet, a little odd, but also kind of cool having the place mostly to myself. I spent many hours on the balcony.

Suzy left for Korea and we went to a K-BBQ place before she did. And then for drinks by the Westside Pavillion.

And then we headed for my place to watch The Mummy. It was so much fun.  
Anastacia came over and we went to a free BFG screening at the Landmark along with the other animators. Not many happy animators after the film, haha. But we had a good night nonetheless!

Saturday it was time for some board games. We played Catan, Uno, attempted Clue, and then ended up doing charades. It was so much fun. I do love me some board games.

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