søndag den 10. juli 2016

Patriotric Return

4th of July came and since Natasha had threatened to make me wear and actual American flag I put on some themed make-up. 

We fixed up the 3-dollar vintage finds we had bought two days before and then headed for Exposition Park by the LA Coliseum. It was full of people, kids, food stalls and free drink booths - plus an actual fun fair and constant live music. So that was eventful. We mostly just hung out on the grass, relaxing and playing word games. It kind of reminded my of 1. Maj in Denmark!

The sun set, people got food, and got settled on the grass in front of the coliseum. The place is close by USC so it felt a little funny being UCLA there - and when we found where Natasha had sat down, she had managed to find a spot right by a family with Bruin chairs.

I also made my first American McDonalds purchase on this patriotic day, haha.

Fireworks started promptly at 9. They were so huge that we could physically feel the big ones.
It was a good afternoon! But traffic out of the area was hell so we ended up walking around for a bit.

Mira took me around on Tuesday (the doll). We tried to go and get my busted phone fixed, which proved unsuccessful, and then went to Burbank for Porto's and my class.

It was surprisingly inexpensive when you think about its' popularity!

Wednesday before my flight we went to Venice to eat some brunch. It was super hot so I got a sorbet bowl to cool down - the others looked on in envy.

We walked down to the beach. It was windy to the point where Zia kept saying it was almost cold. We went in the water anyway and it felt beyond great. We played a few rounds of Uno and Mira even found a tiny plastic soldier in the sand. So all in all, a great outing.

We walked back to the car and the Mira took me to LAX.

I happened to meet Regitze there! It was very nice to not spend the 3 hours before the flight alone.

We took off and it was bye-bye to the Hollywood Hills and the setting sun until we flew over northern Canada and the icy waters. I watched The Intern, Brooklyn, and Carol and the fell asleep as we went over Greenland. I woke up with Creed and soon we were flying over the flat and green (SO GREEN, I forgot how green things could be) fields of Denmark.

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