tirsdag den 5. juli 2016

Double Trouble Birthday

Because of the time difference, it felt like I had two days of birthday this year. I spent most of Sunday watching Peaky Blinders though.

My parents sent me a package with Danish candy and a present. I ate the candy very quickly. 

In the evening I dressed up fancy, as we were going to Clifton's Cafeteria.

When we got there, we were told that it would close in 40 minutes because of the general emptiness of the place. We were a little sad about that, but quickly went around to look at the 4 storied bar. It almost felt like an amusement park because of the great production value and detailing everywhere.

At closing, we walked over to Perch. They were closing late as one of the only places DTLA. We stayed on the rooftop for a while looking over the city and then headed down one story to get cake as the clock crossed midnight. They were playing the Amélie soundtrack and I ate a creme brulee, haha.

It was a little eerie how empty most things were. But I had a very nice time.

 I started the morning off with a Skype breakfast with home. And then Carlito and Mira came over for a quick sweet bite followed by a drive in the Mustang to the beach. The wind in my hair felt amazing.

It was an enormously hot day. Over 40 degrees. The beach made it bearable, and the cold-ish water was so refreshing. I did however get burned for the first time here. 
We got nitrogen ice creams along the promenade and then I headed for Burbank and my Perspective class.

When I got back I reached out to Jay and he + Mira and Billy joined me for an almost-midnight Denny's outing. We played Uno and ate until our stomach were complaining loudly. 

Perspective is getting more advanced now, which makes it more interesting. And I really enjoy our Gesture models for the Tuesday class!

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