fredag den 8. juli 2016

Universally Magical

A while back I asked Mira to join me for a Universal trip and I finally got her persuaded this weekend! I got a day un-blocked off my season pass and we got to go during the 4th of July weekend. Driving up there, we were getting so excited!! And my hair was still on point after the 40s party the night before.
 The park was busy for a Sunday, but not as crazy as I had though - wait times were really long when we got to the park around 4 though.

So we mostly just walked around -and then headed in to see Water World. We didn't know what to expect at all so it was pretty fun! A bit surprising that so much water was involved - we were lucky not to get soaked.

I met dear Bumblebee again (he always asks me what my name is, jeez how can he forget?).  And then we headed back to Hogwarts. It felt dreamy walking there, even though too many people crowded the place.

The frog+student singers were so funny - I know that their exaggerated expressions are part of the performance, but they are just so funny and house-accurate. The Ravenclaw felt too good to be there and the Slytherin was just so done. Hufflepuff (represent!) was all hyper and jazzed to be there.

The sunset was so pretty over the Valley.

 We walked right in before the special effects show and got basically front row seat yipeee. And before heading home....

 .... We tried Jurrasic Park twice (2nd time it malfunctioned right before the drop and I wanted to die), Transformers once (SO GOOD?!) and took one last trip down Hogsmeade. It was night time now, so the line was finally much less than 80 minutes to the Hogwarts ride. So we went on that too. And I found out I lost my hat (I cry, I made it before the last film, so nostalgic).

Wizarding World felt so much more magical in the dark. It was also less crowded, which helped. But the quiet and the fact that the stars were shimmering over the snow-covered roofs not being battered by sunlight.... aaah. I almost cried as we exited Hogwarts.
And we got some last-minute Butterbeer too before leaving! Mira wanted to taste it. I was very sad that they didn't serve Butterbeer ice cream as in the other locations - I had really wanted to try that.

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