tirsdag den 9. august 2016

Cinematic Beaching

 I landed in LAX and took an uber back to Westwood where I was staying with Evan for a week's time. I crashed very early due to jet lag, but that was fine since we got up early to see a free ASIFA screening of Pets in Hollywood.

We watched it in the Chinese and even got complimentary soda and popcorn. Afterwards we stayed on a breezy outside area filled with people playing Pokemon Go (some even in costumes).

So I succumbed and downloaded it too.

I forced myself to stay awake for a Street Food Cinema outing with Arianna. There were food trucks, a visit from the director and cast, and then of course the movie: 10 Things I Hate About You. It was fun - even if it got a wee bit cold in the end.

Monday I got picked up by Heather and we went on a short drive up the coast to Point Dume. It was gorgeous!
I had brought Danishes for the Americans, but Evan and his roomies were too healthy to eat that - so I ended up getting Heather and Laura to eat them.

Point Dume is the beach from Planet of the Apes (and Iron Man), so we had fun imagining the Statue of Liberty right there. And the waves turned us into waterbenders. We went back after listening to the sweet sound of seals.

After of course catching some water Pokemon.

I went to my perspective class like always and Heather was good enough to drive me there. Burbank has lots of those pretty tree-lined streets.

I relaxed at Evan's, listening to his and the roommate Luke's all-day jam sessions, went to Venice for weekly beaching with Laura (and friends) and got some good gestures jotted down at my class.

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