mandag den 13. juni 2016

That's a UCLA wrap!

My official time at UCLA ran out two days ago. My exchange has concluded, and my Bachelor is finished. Three years have gone so fast and yet so slow. The same goes for this going abroad business.

The week was a bit of a blur. I started Monday off by going to Burbank and pay for my Animation Guild courses. On the way there I was notified that I had gotten into a 2nd class - so that was very nice! I then went back down to Westwood to a final Screenwriting "class". Nick wanted to have a little gathering after the last class was interrupted by the shooting. We played a "worst title" game and ate on his generosity.

I then went to the Perspective class at the Guild. 
Tuesday I spent in bed, waking up more sick than ever. Will did give me a lift to the poke place I was meeting Ibi and Laura and then I went to the Guild with Evan for our Gesture class.

I chugged Emergen-c, sucked on garlic (which helped so much omg) and even went to watch X-Men with the DeKAs for free! Afterwards I was in dire need for something warm for my throat - so I made my first Starbucks purchase.

Prom night arrived, and after fighting for it my film was back in the line-up.

I ended up going fancier than I anticipated. Oh well. We were pretty scattered on the fancy scale - some wore full-lenght dresses haha.

Sound Stage 2 turned into a prism (almost) and we had food, drinks, and candy. And animators.

Truly beautiful. Talking about the booties, of course.


The animators were tired, but still lovely. I felt better in terms of feeling sick, and I managed to talk to most people. Before we knew it, it was almost midnight - and we were late for getting to the Undie Run in time.

We joined the scantily-clad for the last bit of the run and met up with the DeKAs at Royce. It was werid thing to participate in, haha. And the police was there to call it a night. I still went back to James' with the others and then to mine with Xavier. We drank tea and talked while listening to Beatles on my rooftop.

Thursday we had Dreamworks visit the department and I went to have a listen. Afterwards we cleaned out our things from the animation room. I threw out a bunch of drawings and most of my MagiCake set. And then we ate some Korean food and all went for a beer with Will's parents.

Friday was officially my last UCLA day. I was quite happy to actually do something for school. The children of stop motion went to BixPix for a tour and to watch the weeklies. It was fun!

But I wanted to do something more. So I hurried to Beverly Hills where some of the other animators were in a Finding Dory screening. I went as Nemo though, haha.

 I got there late, but in time for the meat of the story. The marine center design was amazing - probably my favourite shots from the film. And it was cute.
Afterwards director Andrew Stanton, producer Lindsey Collins and composer Thomas Newman had a pretty long Q&A. So that was great! The others were saying that they go to screenings like this all the time, because of course the creative teams are here... But it was special to me.

 I then went to meet Arianna and her friends at Pour Vous, a cocktail lounge in West Hollywood.

It was her 21st and she could actually get into places haha. It was a cool little place and they had an hourly performance with aerial dance and saxophone music.

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