søndag den 24. april 2016

Animation and Magic

I continued to work on my new puppets! Both heads ( I am doing two because why not kill myself?) and replacement mouths fit in one box! And I started working on the set too. Wednesday I ended up going to eat with the guys in Westwood.

And Thursday I went to a mixer in Culver City!

I had a good time and got to talk to a handful of story artists - so that was really cool! I became a member of WIA later that night.
And I managed to finish my new girls.

Friday, we went to USC's First Frame screening at the Director's Guild. It was fancy. We had fun. And the very next day I did yet another animation event....

.... The Nickelodeon Creators Talk (from Rugrats and Thornberries to Arnold and Danny Phantom) and exhibition opening in Fullerton!

Naturally I was on the hunt for Avatar pieces and there were quite a few!

My favourite part was the maquettes - they looked so lovely! And now I want nothing more than to have that Aang... 

Cute little Eliza.

It was pretty wild that they got so many creators to come and that in itself was worth the trip down. The exhibition was a little small, but still very cool!

My baby.

 I had been talking about how weird it was that we were so close to Disney... and then we finished earlier than we thought we would, and the girls decided to head to Downtown Disney. We even saw Biker Santa on the way.

We ate at Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar - it was such a great extension of the Tiki Room inside the park!

We drove back and I quickly changed into robes and went to Glendale with Hannah - it was time for a Harry Potter roller skating party.

There were sooo many people - almost too many. It was really entertaining just to observe them all though - a lot of people had donned great outfits and costumes!

That little phoenix girl was my favourite. And we found enough Sicles to buy ourselves some Butterbeer!

Despite the crowd it was still a great time!

 You can never really go wrong with Potterheads around you.


Sunday I went to take graduation photos with the roomies - it is still weird to me to be doing it so long in advance... And even though we went super early in the day, it was still soooo hot! 
I then went to hang with the DeKAs and we ended up at "our" b-caf table. This time we made some camping-style light to make our conversation easier.

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