tirsdag den 5. april 2016

Wild SF ?

San Francisco Part II started on Tuesday when I met up with Izzie at Vista Point across the bridge. We then drove back to her house where I met her mum and saw little pieces of Denmark hanging around. We then drove out for a late breakfast in a tiny village.

After that she took me to her hometown Sebastopol, where we got my first real ice cream over here - and here I am talking about the cony ones.
And they had some serious nerds living in that city...
We then left to go down south again. The hours in the car passed quickly though - with a little help from a trip down memory lane (JoJo, Green Day, Evanescence and other good stuff).

After some quite nerve-wracking driving down steep hills we finally found a parking and walked to Muir woods.

And entered a world of very tall trees. It was weird how there were almost nothing but redwood trees in one area and then all of a sudden - none. They really do grow in families.

It was so gorgeous there. And we got there at a good time - just before the light left. The trees are so tall that they block out sunlight prematurely. 
The "short" walk was also perfect for both of us (knee and feet issues and all...)

Tiny human.

We made our way up those steep hills again and found our way to cell phone reception again - and I made contact with the people from animation. At Vista Point I met up with them and said goodbye to Izzie.

We were going camping! I was happy to have so much clothing with me - because I wore most of it. It was way colder in NorCal than down here in LA.
We spent a few hours trying to get the fire going with the wood around us - but because of the San Francisco rain... it was a real struggle. It finally happened though and we went to bed with food in our stomachs.
In the morning we made eggs and drew for a bit while waiting for everyone to wake up.

And then we drove up north to Sinoma Valley and the vineyards.

Where we had a complimentary wine tasting (and found dry wood).

We had bought cheese, meat, and baguette in the city, so we had a wine picnic after. It was such a good time - and we were all a little baffled at how adult we felt.

Then we drove back down to SF. We were in two cars and basically kept driving past each other the whole way down. It became increasingly silly every time.

We got to the tall part of the city and had quite a spectacular view.

The sky changed from pretty pillows to heavenly gradient in no time. And the setting sun was so beautiful - there was still room for silly walks though and at dinner we even got the glorious idea to take a the last supper photo.

Back at camp we got the fire going in no time and we made smores and marshmallows en masse. The moon was almost full both days and it was crazy bright (although not orange - that was during the trip down the coast the next day).

I woke up quite early and played a bit of card games by myself and then with Ibi. But once the camp was awake we started moving fast - packing and cooking breakfast. We got away from the camp site at the planned time - but that was the last thing that went according to plan.

We took the scenic route back down to LA. Which meant more hours on the road. We just didn't realize how many more. We were all wearing swimming suits the whole day, ready to jump in the big blue. We made a few stops to look at the great scenery, but our schedule completely went down the loo.

It was difficult keeping track of each other - one time we even drove too far in front of the others.

The views were brilliant though. And we even got to hear seals at one point - even though they couldn't be spotted with our eyes.

Night fell and we still hadn't reached the city of angels. We had stopped for food twice though.
As the orange moon rose we finally made our way home - total time: 14 h 30 min. Crazy. We were all absolutely battered by the end of it.
But I had a lot of fun with these crazy children! So I guess it was worth it?

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