søndag den 24. april 2016

Premiering Fraternity

2nd week started and Will asked us to come with him to his home school's basketball team's championship match screening in Hollywood. So we went! They had a pretty strict dress code and security dude though, so the others got turned away. I got there in time for the 2nd half and that was perfect - it was just the right amount, I didn't get tired of it! And it was a really exciting game - in the last 2 seconds the other team scored the winning points!

After that we went to celebrate Adam's birthday at their house. We watched Up, played Mariokart and ate cake! It was a good time.

The animating life continued. We started building new puppets! And I went to a fraternity Rush event before the Tuesday class, not really knowing what to expect. I was invited to the closed dinner the next day and then for an interview the day after that.

I got to go to Fresh Produce that Wednesday too - a weekly drawing meet at Ackerman. And Thursday I went fabric shopping for my new babies!

Wrapping them up and getting started on costumes. 

I got to speak to two lovely ladies too! It was real nice.

 The next day I got a creepy letter pushed through my doorstep - my fraternity bid night invitation! It all feels very American...

And I got to sow my puppet costumes and the vintage pieces I bought in San Francisco! I was getting the machine back to our family friend the next day.

At night I went dancing with Evan and Daniela in Hollywood. It was a very weird place that mostly reminded me of a mix between a vampire's den and the Moulin Rouge - and the music theme for the night was the Smiths and 80s in general. It was great to get out and dance finally!

I got my hand-sowing done and then went on a film shoot all through the night Saturday. I played the quartermaster in our spy film! My very Kingsman-y set-up is seen above.

I shot a lot of the film! It was fun to be physically behind the camera again. And we edited it the very next day. I kind of underestimated how long it would take, so I was a little stressed with my school work. It was a good experience though!

I skyped with my parents and ended up just watching Danish television via their screen... #normal
And then I went to my first Westwood film premiere - Hunstman: Winter's War!

I went back and forward between a group from Bruin Film Society and my roommates - so I got to see different red carpet sights! It was an experience, but I was surprised at how small it all was. It was just a tiny little road that they had blocked off! Kevin had scored us actual premiere tickets too (to my roommates' envy), so I got to go and see the film in the theatre with the cast and crew. Very Hollywood!

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