fredag den 8. april 2016

Quarter Begins

Before going to SF I got the cutting of the board finished. And then upon returning to LA.. behold what a bit of paint could do. I was then ready for WonderCon.

I arrived at the same time as the Ghostbusters, saw some art panels (one with Villpu) and got a sense of the convention center's layout. It was BIG. And I decided to film there - to have something to do.

My finished video!

Saturday I walked the floor in my Aurora, taking photos with the MANY children there, and participated in the Cosplay Masquerade. I felt good about my decision to join the competition - it gave me something to do and people to talk to. I was going alone, after all.  

Starting from minute 31! I was no. 9. I wasn't expecting the crowd to flip out THAT much, but it was really funny. People complimented me on my performance as I walked out of the hall later, and everyone backstage was in a frenzy over it. So it went really, really well!

And I still got to do my no. 1 on Saturday - going to the world premiere of the Iron Giant documentary along with die-hard fans and members of the original crew.

Sunday was spent in Anastasia and fangirling over The 100. I had a lot of time to go around a film people, which made me able to talk to a lot of people - and even get a few snaps in of myself too. 

I then went to The 100 panel, expecting drama - but a lot of questions had been blacklisted, so it was pretty mild. A bit disappointed about not having met people to talk to, I stalked instagram and found out where the signing was taking place. So I went there, met some fans and got talking. That was really fun!

I met Anastacia (yes, we did see the humour in that) at the signing area and ended up spending the rest of the day with her. We walked around the floor and ended up eating with some other people. Then we found some cash on the ground and went to get a free beverage. And we ended the night at her place, watching a very weird horror film with Bob Morley.

And then it was straight back into the first week of Spring quarter! No rest for the wicked. My body was absolutely wrecked after a jam-packed Spring Break... But things were not as stressful as the first week last quarter.
I am only taking three courses this time around, and one of them was already planned. I am still doing Stop Motion, and then a more advanced Screenwriting plus Introduction to Animation. Bouncing Ball exercise was our first assignment.

This whole Lexa-thing on The 100 got big enough to get us a Snapchat filter with her make-up. Wow.

Since I now have some week nights free, I could finally go to campus events. So I went to a Geek Week cosplay workshop and talked to some people. 
And thank god Easter ends ... Because then I could stock up cheaply. Candy is really expensive.

We ended the school week by going to Venice and Abbot Kinney, where they have food trucks every first Friday of the month. There were SO many people and an overwhelming amount of trucks...
 But we finally settled on something and went home after 3 hours!

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