onsdag den 11. maj 2016

Animation craze

I had a lot of fun animating Rufus for my anticipation assignment for the Animation class!

And I have been staying at school very late, working on weekly stop motion assignments and starting on my witchy short film!

I have taken some time to bake though. I even attempted to bake hveder before Store Bededag - even though they did not turn out to taste right at all, they were still pretty good.

Instead of going to stop motion class one Thursday, I went with Heather to a WIA event in Glendale at the Animation Guild. I got to talk to some really sweet people, and they said I looked like a watermelon!

It was a panel with board artists and they had a lot of good advice to pass on. And then there was time to talk and play some games after.

I got back pretty early and decided to go check if the water in the hot tub on the roof was warm. It was! So I went in, stargazed, and relaxed.

My witch project is getting there! Slow but steady.

The 23rd of April we went to CalArts to look around the campus and see some of their character animation short films. There was some great things in there! And the entire campus felt really artsy.

I was a nerd and posed in fron of the "Pixar" classroom.

And we basked in the glory of their basement art walls. We then went back to Westwood and ate.

I still get surprised when I notice the mountains around here.

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