lørdag den 16. april 2016

Week 1 Disneyland

The weekend arrived. Originally, I was supposed to go to Wizarding World during the week, but that didn't happen - so I was set on getting to Disney instead. So I have gone to Disneyland during week 1 both quarters here!
I actually ended up renting a car - it was cheaper than expected! But I got a flipping mini van... So that was different. But driving was easy!

I met up with Savannah at the park - we had talked on tumblr and found a day that was good for both of us. It just so happened to be the last day of meet 'n' greet with Thor - so we went there first. 
And then we headed to Tarzan's tree house, which I didn't get to see last time - I was wearing a Jane bound!

We met Genie too!

I actually got to see mainly things I didn't get to last time. So that was great! Small world, Toon Town... And we met Mickey!

It was sooooo hot and the sun was shining all day - so cold ice creams were a necessity.

In California Adventure we went through Cars Land - gosh, it is so well done. It is actually quite unbelievable. And it looks so darn movie-accurate!
We also went on Soaring California and swam by the Little Mermaid attraction, which was crazy cool - and I noticed a H. C. Andersen cameo that Savannah had never seen before despite going to the parks all the time.

Back in Disneyland we tried a good handful of rides and waited for darkness to fall.

We found a good spot for the Paint the Night parade! And as always I had a soft spot for the dancers' costumes - there are just so pretty!

Fireworks followed and they were grand as always. The castle is just so small, it only peaks up once in a while...

I had such a fun day and a dose of Disney was just what I needed to start the quarter off!

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