torsdag den 28. januar 2016

One Month Already


I realized it has already been a month since I travelled to the States. I still don't feel like this whole thing is real. Everything is so surreal and I kind of experience it all through a filter.
I have been down to Westwood Village a little. It is a pretty odd place. Seems very small-town. Living at UCLA is very much a bubble experience.

After seeing this year's Golden Globes, I finally pulled myself together and saw Mr. Robot. It was of course brilliant. I also found out about My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in all its' musical glory.


 My flatmates and I went to Santa Monica to stop by a few bars. The Bungalow had such a nice atmosphere with inside trees and lanterns, but it was packed. Also, this pink car is probably the most stylish thing I've ever seen. And all the places closed at 2! Such a difference from back home. So we went back to the flat and watched Footloose. Lovely.

Sunday Kimya and I went to watch The Revenant at Landmark. They had a bunch of costumes on display! Pretty fun.

 And an Anamolisa set on display! It was fun to see the scale of the puppets.

After the film, Lexi came to pick us up and we drove to Beverly Hills for a late-night snack. We got sundaes at Sprinkles, which is basically a cupcake split in two with an ice cream cone in the middle. Most American thing I think I have eaten as of now.


There was a campuswide High School Musical reunion hype last week. It was really fun to follow. And we watched the film as well. 
And I had rehearsals for my first production weekend last week! There will be a good handful of kids on this one. 

I have spent time in the stop motion lab as well. It is pretty fun coming up with new ideas for all these different projects I am doing for my classes every week. But the work load is challenging too. Four creative classes is a bit of a stretch. At least I am still having fun with all of them.

 I pass this statue on my way to class every day. I cannot help but wonder...
And Valentine's frenzy has already begun. It is... big here.
Today in Costume Design we had Danny Glicker come by and talk about his work. It was very rewarding and he was a good speaker.

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