mandag den 4. januar 2016

Indoors, Outdoors

New Years came and went. There were no fireworks in sight anywhere so I dulled my want for explosives by watching the London extravaganza. Bloody hell, it is bogus and over-the-top - but ever so impressive.
We stayed in at A's and I watched the Danish things on my own - Bakeoff, Queen's speech and then tuned in for the Danish new year 9 hours ahead of the Californian one.

I still dedazzled even though we weren't going anywhere - it's only New Years once a year after all.

I talked to Rikke and Rasmus and the families. It was good to spend some hours listening to familiar voices. And I kind of celebrated three times - first by jumping into the New Year in Denmark, then by watching the ball drop live at 9 LA time and the jumping for real at midnight.

We watched the ball drop at Times Square and I have got to say... It is a pretty tame tradition. Pretty uneventful. I prefer the Danish clocktower and songs haha!

Since the East coast gets special treatment with getting the ball drop broadcasted nationwide the west coast has the Roses Parade. It is in Pasadena which is a short drive from LA. It is a competition to make the best show or float (entirely decorated with seeds or flowers).
There were animatronic figures and cute decorations - and the Millennium Falcon in the Disneyland float could flipping fly.

1st of January there was no time to rest. I worked on my Gender studies thesis from back home and we went shopping for bedding and hangers and the like. And I finally won over one of the cats in the house - success!

In the evening we listened to the New Year concert from Vienna and saw the ballet sequences lined up to it and then watched the Abominable Bride to the crackling fire.

I wrapped up my thesis and packed my things. Then I accompanied M on her daily walk around the neighbourhood. It was good to get some fresh air and see the orange trees more up close.

Great decorations. 
And then A drove me down to the city to get unpacked in my new room!

We stopped at the beach and the wind felt like heaven. It really isn't that cold out.

Apparently that big rock (round or triangle depending on the angle) is super famous and features in lots of films and commercials. It did feel slightly familiar?

I got to the flat around half past 4 and started unpacking. Before I noticed it, darkness had come and two of the other girls arrived and took me along to the super marked. Everything has different packaging here - it is so confusing. I'll get the hang of it somehow. Hopefully.

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