fredag den 12. februar 2016

Campus happenings

Suzy from my Stop motion class asked if I wanted to join her in watching Kid Koala's Nufonia Must Fall since her 15 second short was screened before the show. So I went with some of her friends and another stop motion child to the puppet extravaganza. 
Kid Koala has previously worked on Gorillaz, Scott Pilgrim and The Great Gatsby and director K. K. Barrett did production design for Her and Marie Antoniette. Everything was live - live footage from the stage, live puppeteering and live orchestra music on the Royce Hall stage. It was such a good experience!

We then went to Westwood for crêpes and played with bubbles at a nearby bar. It was a very fun night out.

 I had to get up super early the next day though. My first student production was up and the costume department is basically first on set. 
The film had 11 kids! So we had to be very careful not getting food or other stains on their costumes.

2nd day of shoot was slow so I got to work on my storyboard as well. And we then went to get tacos at Frida.

We are moving forward in stop motion time and saw King Kong (one of Mike's great passions, here picture with old-timey animation stand). And we are building our puppets as well!

I'm going to school late in the evenings every day and I leave a dark campus every night. I do get to enjoy the sunny days from our balcony. And Kimya had made strawberries for us all one of the days that I got home.

Drawing in the sun! And then heading out to eat last Friday. Both pizza and ice cream sandwich.

Hannah and I went to a gymnastics meet (UCLA against Utah) last Saturday. It was crazy to see how many ressources are spend on sports here - and the gymnastics team is even one of the teams with the least amount of money. They really aren't kidding when they say that there is a mismatch between the spending on sports and then arts.

One of the UCLA girls' floor routine went viral and it has been pretty fun seeing it blowing up online. Me and Hannah have been popping up in backgrounds as well. But girls on both teams were doing so well. It is crazy what these girls can do - the body control!

I was sporting UCLA colours - blue and gold (which is normalized to yellow). SO I am basically supporting Sweden now...

Filip from back home suggested I got myself this storyboard book and some of the gags were really lovely. I have been reading so much non-traditional academic stuff lately... 

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  1. Hej Liv! Det ser ud til du er kommet godt ind i tilvaerelsen nu, dejligt :D Super inspirerende at se og laese om alt der sker. Og det er varmt igen i LA? Jeg må vist få booket den billet! Knus fra zoz