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Firsts and Lasts at Disneyland

I am a member of this Disneyland carpool group on Facebook and one girl wrote to ask if someone would join her in going to see the last shows of Fantasmic and Aladdin January 10th. And then we kind of figured something out... I went to meet with her the day before and it was good to get to know each other before Disney.
And my flatmates became convinced that it was necessary for them to join as well so we ended up being a party of four!

The show started. Naturally I could not help comparing it to the full-lenght musical that I have seen in Denmark, but the 45-minute musical spectacular was pretty darn great.

They had all the key scenes, really great costumes that had much higher accuracy than the Danish musical ones and the jokes were brilliant!

The carpet was actually almost my favourite character. The girl playing it was so energetic and gave her best in every scene.
In both "Prince Ali" and "A Whole New World" they had actors outside the stage. Ali came in on a giant elephant amongst the audience and they had a flying carpet fly over our heads. So that was really great! I just never know where to look when stuff is happening in more than one place!

Jokes were brilliant. Genie even made a "Jafar, Ja-near" joke...

And then it was over. And people in the theatre actually cried. It makes sense - it's been a part of their lives for the past 13 years. But still, crying in Disneyland is the worst feeling.

I Disneybounded Jasmine.

I recorded throughout the day as well! Fantasmic's boasts were amaziiiing!

We ate Disneyland churros (which is apparently something you kind of have to try while there) and I met with Oswald. I kind of think he is cuter than Mickey...

The park was so big! And yet a lot of the attractions were not very tall, because they are the original versions. You can't even see the castle in that 2nd photo and we were standing right in front of it! Tiny castle is tiny. Still pretty though!

When darkness fell the number of visitors fell and we actually got to do something else than wait in queues all the time. We did get stuck in Pirates for a while, but I got to try the Christmas versions of Haunted Mansion and Jungle Cruise. It was a big surprise to me that they were still up and I was very lucky - because they would be taken down the very next day. No more Nightmare Before Christmas until Halloween!
We had the BEST experience in the Tiki Room as well. The presenter we had, Maynard, is apparently super famous. Because we were laughing so much he cranked up the humour a bit and I was in tears by the end of his routine. So great!
And then we saw the last Fantasmic, then fireworks and the parade. And then Hannah's parents were so sweet and drove us home! 1st Visit was a great success!

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