onsdag den 6. januar 2016

First Classes

January 4th arrived and with it a very full day. I woke up pretty early to do some practical things and figure out what my plan was. A lot of the courses I want to take are "enrolment by professor's approval" - which basically means that I should show up and ask if there is a possibility for me to participate. I only had one secured class - Screenwriting Fundamentals - and that also happened to be the first I went to (in the big white building).

The first day was a sunny one and the campus seemed perfect and shining. And very, very big.

I then went by a Production class that I couldn't enrol in since they had shot their films last semester and would edit them now - and since I don't have any material...
So I was on my way back when I spotted the Animation department on the far end of the hallway I passed. I went down there to take a look around and ended up meeting some of the faculty and the head of the department. They gave me a quick tour and let me browse in my own time. Side note: These animation desks are vintage. They used to be owned by Disney and Snow White was animated on them!

An excited Liv went back to the flat. 
You might be thinking - "what's with that bear?" - and let me explain: UC Berkeley's mascot is a Bear and since we are the sister/daughter school of UCB our mascot is a little bear - a Bruin!

More gorgeousness. I have to admit, I went "Seriously?" a few times. It's pretty decadent. And those arched study spots are quite comfy - and nice and warm in the sun. I took a break from the walking there. And there is a lot of walking. Up very steep hills - and that goes on for 30 minutes. I feel like I underestimated it just because I'm Danish.
I then went to DCISS' Visa Check-in and hurried to a Storyboard class to see if I would be allowed enrolment - which I was ! In a class with 2 other people - wow. Quite a contrast to the 200+ in the Monday morning Screenwriting class. 
And this evening I went to a Stop Animation class and was allowed enrolment in that too even though it's actually a graduate class (kandidat). And it's taught by some really nice and competent people - Mike Johnson (co-direcor of Corpse Bride) is teaching!

I am really happy with how things are going. It seems that I will be having a super hands-on, creative next quarter. It's going to be so different having to be artistic all the time!

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