lørdag den 16. januar 2016

Eventful scheduling

I had a very sunny and pretty first day. But then the rain started. El Nino gave LA a rainfall like the bad ones back home. There was so much rain in the streets - a street down from us was literally like a river because it is so hilly and the water just goes doooown. I talked to Americans who had never owned an umbrella before these days. So yes, this is unusual. And I did not bring the right clothes for that haha - it is actually pretty chilly.

The rain provided me with inside time to make me settled in the flat. I have more stuff on the walls than the other girls now... But I feel like I need it! It is really good to be able to look at familiar faces everywhere I look.
And I gotta say I really like living here. It is surprisingly fantastic that I have my own study desk - I don't know how I would have managed if I had to walk to one of the study halls every day. This campus is too massive ...

I had booked tickets to go see People's Choice Awards through the international center. I dressed up and it was pretty fun!

I talked to this girl from Hong Kong and it was all good. I had never seen the show before and it was a little different from the other award shows. I have to admit that I was pretty annoyed by the end of the show though - since it was televised live they did not utilize the speakers on our level. Which meant that we could not hear anything every time just 30 people applauded. So... Really uncool. Still a fun enough experience.

 I got my class plan under control and am now taking Costume Design as well. This will be such an interesting quarter. Lots of creativity.... maybe a little too much. We shall see!
Walking the halls at good ol' Melnitz where most of my classes takes place. Except on Fridays where I have no classes! My flatmates spoiled me and we ate home-baked goodies while getting to know each other better.

Saturday I went on a bus trip with the other internationals. It was really short and I have to admit I was disappointed in our guide, who just told bad jokes instead of explaining things about LA. But it was all right.

We had a few stops. Hollywood Boulevard and the Farmers' Market among them. 

Right by the Farmers' Market there is a shopping street called the Grove. I tried to think why it seemed familiar and then I realized that there are a few Totally Spies episodes set there...

It was fun enough and I met another girl in the Film and Television department. So I can hit her up with questions more relevant to my field. Always good.

Then I worked on my Storyboard assignment and later in the week I talked to Rasmus about updating it and about my Stopmotion exercises.

My flatmates are really sweet and I am glad that they are warm and welcoming. They even went with me to a very special place on Sunday... (my top is a hint)

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