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Winning London - Part 6 (STUDIO TOURRR)

Finally the greatest event of the trip arrived - our journey to The Making of Harry Potter - Warner Bros. Studio Tour. We had to get up early since we were not 100 % sure how long it would take to get there due to the Easter restrictions of the tube system.

!!:::WARNING:::!! This contains detailed descriptions of the studio tour, so do not read on if you do not wish to be "spoiled".

The Overground was so empty, which was really odd after 5 days of crowded wagons. It was a 1-hour trip, so we spent a bit of the time playing cards.

We were so excited, haha! And when we arrived at the station we rushed outside to the bus stop, since we thought we were late for the bus.

But we made it and after 10 more minutes we could see the Studio Tour building! We quickly printed our pre-booked tickets and proceeded inside.

We were a bit early so we looked around in the tour shop. The candy was great! And we were told that there was a national chocolate shortage so the chocolate frogs that was there were the last. And of course we grabbed a few.

It was really cute in the shop! But the merchandise was a bit too mainstream - it would have been so cool to have some Studio Tour exclusive products.

Take a look at the tickets! They are sublimeeee.

From the entrance hall we went to stand in line to enter the tour. And the cupboard under the stairs was displayed there (!) plus hand casts of the Golden Trio. Daniel's hands are tiiiny little bastards, but Rupert's hand are big as hell.

We went into the waiting room and thereafter the cinema where we were told a little introduction both by the employees and the Trio. we also got on friendly terms with our Digital Guides. Then the door to the Great Hall's opened and the magic begun.

Happy Potterheads... The details were amazing and I kept noticing things I would never have seen by just watching the films.

We were sort of blown away. The materials are mostly foam which makes it so much greater that they look so much like metal or concrete. The floor in the Great Hall was however made of real stone.

The employees shared so many great facts with us - for example the fact that Britain went into a bead shortage after making the hourglasses.

Then we were let out into the huuuge display hall on our own. We frantically started using our digital guides.

That ceiling was the only one ever made, and they edited it into the scenes shot in the Great Hall and added the magical ceiling. And it was only about 2 meters long - so bizarre!

The Yule ball creations were amazing! I could have stayed there staring for hours, haha.

The make-up and costume section was really interesting! It was super fun to see how many actually wore wigs and I loved seeing the pattern for Fleur's blue dress-jacket.

The Hogwarts gate was actually much smaller than I had imagined. And so was the boy's Dormitory - but it was magnificent all the same.

The content on the Digital Guides was really neat and interesting! And it really made the experience so much greater.
The Common Room was surreal to actually see in real life, since that's where a lot of my favourite moments happened.

Green hands moving books!

create an animated gif

I was so surprised to see how many sets were actually present. They were all there! The Mirror of Erised was gorgeous and my heart almost tore open when the big clock was in from of me.

Dumbledore's office was smaller than imagined as well and had a lot of doubles in the decorations. But great nevertheless! I was a bit sad that you could not get a closer look on Godric Gryffindor's sword, but compared to the other bigger things open for close inspection it was not such a big shame.

Dumbledore's telescope was only slightly visible from this side, which I was really sad about since I had read about it in Empire beforehand and had been looking so much forward to seeing it!

But of course it was delightful to see all in all.

Props, props, props! Salazar Slytherin's locket was much more detailed than I had thought!

Mass of wands. If only... my hand... could've... reached...

The props were so amazing! And all the flashbacks to the films kept popping into my head. Well, the rest of our 7-hour studio tour will follow in an hour or so!


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