onsdag den 16. maj 2012

Winning London - Part 8 (Conclusion)

After 6 days in lovely London we returned to dearest Copenhagen along with a great deal of brilliant memories and delightful purchases - which I will show you as promised. And of course instant photos!

From Wednesday and Saturday. Hihih, Peter is dancing on my head. And those fish 'n' chips were crazy good. Unbelievably good.

All of us in Mrs. Hudson's room in the Sherlock Holmes museum. Girl power in all possible ways, ahha.

Legally Blonde musical tickettttt. From one of the very last play dates in London !
And of course some from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. The lighting was very bad for photographs in there and that's a bit too much for a polaroid camera (at least when I can't really control the flash). But I can tell you that the first one is in front of the Gryffindor dorm and the second in front of the big Hogwarts Model. And yes, that is me being emotionally compromised.

AND NOW for some purchases... I had promised myself that I would bring a really nice Peter Pan edition with me home. I'd hoped for an old edition, but this 100th anniversary edition was such a beauty and served as a nice replacement! And the Doctor Who books were just so goddamn cheap! UK books <3
Of course we all went Whovian on our credit cards (especially Astrid), and I think I brought home some sweet things. Oh, and I just could not help myself when I saw the Misfits collection.

Of course I bought a lot of clothes... It was a SALE period over there y'know. I got 3 dresses, 2 pairs of trousers and some shirts from Punky Fish! I also had to spend a fortune on new Fuji Instant Film since I'd forgot to check how many I had left in Denmark and found out it was only 2.

And I love the Union Flag, so I pretty much bought everything I saw with it. I looove that mug and my Pacman Monster earring from Camden!
Yes, I did buy 4 bags... P-problem? Urg, they were just too nice.

"Haul" from the Studio Tour. I love those tickets, really, I do. We received those Harry Potter Passports from one of the employees there since we'd spoken with her 3 times during our stay there (both beginning and end, so she knew we'd been there 7 hours), and she was so impressed by our being Danish and coming all that way. She said they would not come out for another week, so it was super nice! We were dancing with joy, haha!

Chocolate froggggs. They actually included cards - and the wizards can move when you change the card's position!! I got Godric Gryffindor and Rowena here.

Videos by Kristine in which we showcase our fandom love and utter oddness.

Thanks for a FANTASTIC trip, girls.

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