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Winning London - Part 5

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We started Saturday off with a delicious breakfast at a little cosy café nearby. Their mugs were humongous and we were actually able to get a decent roll with nutella, haha.
And Kristine had seen this bag in a store and just had to go back and get it. Her precious <3

Then we went to Portobello Road! The area was really cool after we'd gotten used to a... well, not so fancy neighbourhood, haha! Coooool car too.

And then BOOM, we were at the market after having been just a bit lost... since my map did not cover the Notting Hill area.

Loads of junk and funny things!

But there were quite a bit of tourists... We were so scared we'd go too far apart and not be able to locate each other. Stamping blocks en masse!

It was a very different experience from the other things we'd done and simply refreshing.

So much quirky! But we got a bit tired of walking with tiny steps and being pushed around by the other people there, so we heading to a parallel street to take a quicker route back.

... And found these cute fellas! Plus a happy house and a poser.

We could not stop laughing when we saw this PINK house in the midst of all the pastel ones. Must be some Barbie girl living in there! That small square with the funky clock was really nice and I went into chock when I found out that the house the girls had said was "just the former home of some politician" actually belonged to George flipping Orwell.

Some wacky houses.
We then went on to Camden where we sat down at an Indian restaurant to have a snack and wait for Josefine to join us for a 2nd day of Danishness!

She leaded us in the right direction of Camden Town (the complete opposite direction of what I had chosen, so thank god for her presence) and we went into a PunkyFish store!
One of the few memories I have from my 1st time in London about 9 years ago is me and my parents visiting one of their Stores in central London and it actually meant a surprisingly lot for me to return. Put a link between the past and the present just then.

On to the Stables Market!

Josefine really knew her way around those parts and showed us this really neat booth with a guy who could tell what kind of books you like just by looking at you! It was sort of fantastic.

A proper happy Astrid surrounded by luggage and pretty lamps.

We found these dolls with some weird prints on such as One Piece and Naruto...
Me and Astrid went into Cyberdog(!) and it was pretty amazing. The music was wayy too loud haha, but the staff was sweet and the surprise art pieces were really wonderful.

And I got me this pretty dress in Cyperdog. It was not crazy expensive as some of their other stuff and it really appealed to me. Btw, look at their dressing rooms! Please, allow me to droole all over the place.
Pretty Josefine waiting out front with invisible Kristine.

It was such a great area and we really could have spent daysss there instead of just the few hours.

Then we went on a bus (!) for the first time on our trip - and it was double tiered at that - since we were going home with Josefine to see her au pair family's house and her room. Plus eat the best fish and chips I'd never dreamed of ever eating.

The altitude we were sitting in was absolutely frightening. Just as a side note.


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