tirsdag den 22. maj 2012

Gown, hair, glitter - GO!

The 28th April my school held the grand galla party, so naturally all us seniors dressed up pretty fancily. It had been such a struggle for some to find a dress that fit or a proper suit while others breezed right through it - Rie bought the first dress she tried on!
I bought my dress back in October I think? It's a Mac Duggal, 100 % silk and I only paid 1/10 of its original price.

We started the evening off with casual dinner at Philip's place. It was sort of crammed but really nice and we had such a good time. Although all the girls already hated the long dresses - the guys and ourselves kept stepping on them.

But we speed-ate and then while the boys watched some football we finished up our looks. Aaaand then we drove to the school in cars, myself in my dance partner's old monster of a vehicle.

It's tradition here in Denmark to dance the Lanciers and at my school the seniors open the ball with a march and then a dance.

Look at us marching. We talked all night about how cool and composed we thought we'd looked, but when we got to see the photos the next day we quickly realized we had been anything but. Boy, look at our stiff bodies.

Here I am with my dance quadrille and some lovely girlies from my class.

Our quadrille in action. Them dresses be flowing!

Wussssssshhh. It was really fun. Nerve-wrecking in the beginning, but fun all the same.

Of course all the parents were there. And they were so proud and snapped away all kinds of photos at all times, haha. We - the students - couldn't really help but think it was just a party and there were no need to be so dramatic. But of course they see it as us having grown so incredibly much.

Every half our a round of Lanciers was open for dancers from all years. But we talked a lot more than we danced, which - looking back - was quite unfortunate. I mean, what is the fancy get-up all for?

Maria and I played around with our cameras. Drama-light.

Girls, girls, girls. And then my dance partner and I. We tried to pose nicely but we kept laughing since we thought how crazy our parents would go when we actually graduate. It's going to be a mass of pictures! And probably also tears from our mothers.

Dancing both Lanciers and "normally" (it's limited how normal you can dance in a flipping ball gown). It was really amusing to shake ya bootey in those dresses and we wanted to do it while we were still wearing them. We were going to an after party you see and therefore had to change. The busses came and picked us up andddd....

... We partied on in a more casual manner!

It was such a great night! I can't believe high school is almost over...!


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  1. Hvor ser du dog smuk ud <3

  2. Dat dress <3 You look like one to sell as a doll over the counter of Disney Store!

  3. seems like a nice evening for you as well :3 and that dress looks amazing on you

  4. Haha, du går jo i klasse med 4 fra min folkeskole! Hyggeligt :D
    Flot kjole! Jeg købte også den første gallakjole jeg prøvede, så var jeg solgt ;)