torsdag den 31. maj 2012

Magical changes

Today I've been working for The Walt Disney Company for a year. Or actually it was yesterday, but the celebratory photograph above was taken exactly a year ago. Time sure does fly. I really do not feel that different - not much changes.

But of course the seasons have passed by! My cherry tree blossomed and faded away some weeks ago. I always forget to appreciate the flowers while they are there. But then again - senior year is quite important haha.

When I received my year grades my parents brought me this delicious candy thing. It was bigger than my hand! Gosh, it tasted sublime.

See that? PROPER LIGHT. I really like it when the dark afternoons disappear. That's when I start wearing high heels again.

And I became sick and tired of seeing that winter header I've had for TOO FLIPPING LONG. I really do not know if I'll keep this one, but I just needed some change. What do you think?


2 kommentarer:

  1. You've already worked there for a year? Woow, time flies by so fast!! I still remember the time where you were so anxious about getting the job or not c:

    Your outfit is super cute! Love the pants~
    And it's so weird - but really refreshing - that you have a new header :D