onsdag den 23. maj 2012

Blossoming petals

Pictures are by Silas.

The same weekend as the school's galla party the Japanese Embassy hosted their annual Sakura Festival - so you can imagine I was quite busy that weekend! This year the trees were actually in full bloom, which was so lucky - we've either been too early or too late the past years.

Line and Sille came over and we dressed up in our yukatas! Or I wore my kimono, but whatevs. And please do not look at my retard rubber fingers, I really can't help them.
As last year they had all sorts of boots with food and other Japanese what-nots. And it was SO PACKED Sunday, since the weather was wonderful.

Andreas Brammer took these!

Girls, girls, girls.

I'm always a bit insecure about wearing yukata/kimono on locations where native Japanese are attending due to fear of seeming dumb. But when I went to the bathroom to tidy my face a Japanese woman kindly straightened my obi and told me that my kimono was a beauty.

Ali went away to snap some photos of us gaijin people, and Rasmus + Dennis decided to violate a cherry blossom tree which caused the petals to fall down on me gracefully.

By Ali .

All them pretties.

It was real nice and the yearly event has really become a tradition. I can't just not go - that would seem unnatural. 5 years in a row quickly does that to a person. At least to me.


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  1. Du ser rigtig flot ud, jeg kan godt forstå den japanske kvinde ikke kun holde mund :'D <3

  2. Waaaow det er nogle flotte billeder Liv :o du er så pretty~