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Winning London - Part 3 (legal deduction!)

So where did we leave off? Ah, yes. The dear Baker Street - which was absolutely the greatest decorated tube station of the ones we saw.

Why we were at Baker Street I will let you guys deduce from my upper pictures. When we arrived we saw the museum line. But seeing as we had not stood in line for anything yet we accepted that we would have to wait for the dear Sherlock Holmes. That and we had not entirely understood that the line was actually intended for the ones who had been inside the museum shop to purchase tickets...

But finally we bought tickets and came inside the consulting detective's apartment - complete with deer stalker and gun shots in the wall. And we just had to sign the guest book.

Bees? Oh, certainly this book "was" the property of Dr. Watson.
On the first floor there had been a girl dressed up in an old-fashioned gown, giving out flyers for the tour. So we thought that this little fellow was alive as well and were quiet surprised to find he was not. Scary little bastard.

The museum was in 4-5 floors (already I can't remember. But it was a lot!) and the staircases were so narrow, haha. People had to squeeze up against the sides when there was traffic. So we were very happy they controlled the amount of guests inside by the line outside!

They had all of these wax dolls set up around the place and in the end it was a bit boring to look at them. But then that one picture happened and it acted as a catalyst for a whole childish spree of giddiness.

We simply posed like the dolls. Surprisingly entertaining! Luckily there were not so many people on that one floor at the time of our wacky acting.

The museum shop was genuinely charming but their prices were a bit high. It was such a fun visit to the Sherlock Holmes museum though and worth the 6 quid.

gif creator

More fun with the travellers in the tube!

Then we went to Oxford Street to go wiiiiild. No, not really. Yes, really really. I mean, they had the mid-season SALE all over town. First to visit was Topshop which was bloody crazy and we moved on to River Island and Disney Store!

Their Store was amazing! I was so taken by their life scaled characters and the details were so great on them. And would you look at that castle you have to go through to enter the downstairs section. That.is.so.cool.

Kristine with her fave princess and bff Belle, haha! And I was quite happy about this London specific artwork on their wall - Peter and Peter.
I even got to take a look at their Cast rooms and talked a bit with some of the Cast Members who came to help set up our Store here in Copenhagen before our opening.

So after a visit to Primark, a book store and Sunset Boulevard we headed back to our hostel to get some of the humongous weight of our shopping bags off our backs. And I looked at the time... 19:13! PANIC PANIC PANIC!

We had gone to the Savoy Theatre in the morning to land some great tickets for the evening's West End showing of Legally Blonde - the Musical and the show started at 19:30. I threw my bags on my bed and hurled a pink dress over myself before Kristine and I ran towards Kings Cross st in order to signal a cab. I ran faster than Kristine and yelled "TAXI". The taxi drove around the next corner behind me and Kristine and I got in from each side of the cab, saying "Savoy Theatre, make it quick!"

Look at us being completely beside ourselves. And that clock in the cab... 4 minutes to go! The driver told us to get off a minute's time from the theatre since it would be quicker to walk/run due to traffic.

And then we ran again. Through the gates and down the rabbit hole to our seats in the stalls - and we had saved 42 pounds each on the tickets! But still it would have been so bad to have missed the show... Blimey! I still cannot believe we actually made it...

I had brought monomoleculars for both of us from home which was a good investment, haha. It made the experience much better. And boy was it a good one! OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD YOU GUYS.


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  1. Aaaargh <3 Jeg havde helt glemt de billeder i min egen, især dem fra Disney store :'D Jeg er stadig så vild over at vi nåede det man, mirakel! Jeg er rigtig glad for du fik kikkerterne med, da det gjorde hele oplevelsen meget bedre <3

    Belle er faktisk min bedste ven <3

  2. En masse dejlige billeder :) <3
    Skønne London, flotte London I miss yooooouuuu

  3. Åååh fantastiske billeder af udstillingen!!
    Viser du også hvad du har købt på turen? :D

  4. It's so nice to see that you girls really got to please your inner fangirls c:
    So much nerdiness ♥