tirsdag den 24. april 2012

Winning London - Part 4

Friday was started at a local falafel place that just so happened to serve English breakfast as well, haha. The girls loved it, but I'm not one for hot meals in the morning. The tea was good though!

Speaking of tea... This shop was really cute and reminded me of a store we have near Nørreport here in Denmark where you can choose between 1000 different kinds of tea. This shop had so many special teas! A lot of the ingredients I had never even heard of having been put in tea... They had some taste samples standing around and some was really not good while others were delicious.

They had cups as part of their product line as well and Astrid was SO close to buying these due to the Alice theme. But they were a bit expensive...

Old building with a Union Flag blowing dramatically in the wind. And of course Piccadilly Circus! Which was much smaller than I had expected.

Mr. Nelson and his lions. And then the freaks posing in front of it. This is such an interesting post, is it not?

From Trafalgar Square our journey led us to a pretty well-known Harry Potter location.

make gif

Scotland Place, where the entrance to the Ministry of Magic is located. They use a red phone box in the film, but since that was just a prop it was no longer located there. So we just imagined going into it... Or at least me and Kristine did, Astrid sort of ruined the amazing piece of art we were creating.
And I was wearing my Doctor Who tee so... fandom collision!

There, there. Nice imaginary phone box.

And in the spirit of wizardry we had a little duel. Or something. While Kristine was engulfed in one of her new tiny books.

And yes, I was a pain in the arse, disturbing her reading and all.

After this bit of exploring we went on a fandom shopping spree, which took quiet a while since the different shops were located very far apart... But the Doctor Who shop on Strand was closed when we finally got there! We were simply crushed, haha.

So back to the hostel with our bags and then out to find a place to eat before moving on to Tate Modern Museum! We found this concept restaurant near us that sort of reminded of Wagamama or something similar to that. The food was not super cheap but neither expensive and the place was nice. And I got my usual vacation chocolate cake there!

Then we decided not to head onwards to Tate since we had had a loooong day. So we stayed at Nando's and played a game of cards. It was really fun and so nice to actually have some table space, haha.

Walking home Astrid flashed me with her newly bought screwdriver and was being annoying (not).
And behold! Our fantastic bedroom complete with bunkbed and crazy wall colours. Kristine would not shut up about how amazing John Barrowman's self biography was and kept laughing (woooops, nope this is her Torchwood book, this spiffing tale happened on Saturday night) while Astrid and I admired our bought goodies. Which you will get to see later on.


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  1. Dude, det er min Torchwood motherfucking bog man. Og selvbiografien var sjov ;D Det er ikke min skyld du ikke har humor ;D *drille drille*

    Jeg er forresten også stadig sur over Nandos. Dem bitches don't give me bottomless yoghurt. They give me yoghurt.

  2. When I go to London with my girl, I'll post loads of stupidly lovely pictures so YOU can be jealous of how good the trip will look >:C (AKA omfg I wish I'd been there)

  3. I'm a sucker for English breakfast - SO DELICIOUS!!

    The picture from just before you reached Piccadilly Circus made me squeak :'D That's where I stayed a month ago ♥

    But it's too bad that the red phone box isn't there any more :c That would've been even cooler!

    Everything looks so cosy c: