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Winning London - Part 1

So! My 2-week Easter holiday has already passed in all its glory. But I thought I'd tell you good folks about the British side of that glory... Since I went to London with Kristine and Astrid! It was my second time there (even though I was 9 and only stayed 2 days) but the girls' first!

We landed in the morning on the 4th and drove with a pre-hired cabbie into town and our hostel. And then we proceeded to go out and explore the city!

Hold on tight, 'cause this is going to be a long one...

I can't remember the name of this small park, but it was so pretty and cosy! We ate our first meal there looking up on London Eye through the trees.

And then Big Ben! I never got to see it last time, but I have to be honest... I expected it to be a wee bit bigger. And it was sooo utterly crowded with tourists around it, so we quickly got out of the way.

We quickly realized that a big ad campaign for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour was happening... and this was exciting to us, since the whole reason for our trip was the Sunday with to the Harry Potter Studio Tour! It was really cool to see the whole city Pottered up.

Westminster was riiight next door to Big Ben(ley - which I keep saying thanks to Cars 2, haha).

We'd liked to go inside and have a look around, but after having seen the enormous line we decided not to. Too much effort for "just another church" - even though it is absolutely beautiful. And when we went en route towards Buckingham Palace the "three big ones" were nicely standing in line.

gif creator

It was really funny how a big part of the city was old or at least built in a old-fashioned style and then sometimes something shining and new just popped out of nowhere.

I was caught on the wrong side of the street... :C

New Scotland Yard (hihiihihihihi, BBC Sherlock) and the great palace of the Queen.

I really liked the statue! And the Queen did not come out to greet us, even though the raised Union Flag told us she was inside the palace.

From Buckingham Palace we moved on to Kensington Gardens, where we had great adventures. While our feet began to ache greatly we saw swans (which is not at all a rare sight in Denmark...)!

gif maker

And we saw a squirrel! A GREY squirrel! It was so cute with its little nut held in its' tiny little hands.
I do believe Astrid was quite enthusiastic.

But the main reason for our Kensington Garden visit was the Peter Pan statue. We arrived at a good time, since we had the boy who never grows up all to ourselves for about 10 minutes before others started swarming into the little spot reserved for his statue.

The details were so bloody amazing! I was really baffled and could not help myself for stroking my hands across it all the time. I could have spent all afternoon there, haha!
Peter Pan is my favourite book and yes, I was happy about being there in the moment but it was not until afterwards that I greatly appreciated the experience of seeing the statue. It really meant a lot to me.

Developing an instant photo while drinking Milkyway and Mars chocolate drinks!

We had been walking around confused about the whereabouts of the statue and only afterwards we found it on signs... all the other signs had not been including it! So typical.

From Notting Hill Gate tube station we went to Earls Court in order to locate the old police box (TARDIS) which is still there after all these years. We all had a small fangirling seance.

Doctor! Doctor! Let us innnn!

Just beside the blue box a small frozen yoghurt shop was offering a place for us to sit down. So we went inside and saw their funky upstairs lounge!

It was our first time tasting frozen yoghurt! Mine was honey and it was heavenly.

We could see the phone box from the window and slowly our happiness rose - so naturally we had to snap a few more photos before heading towards the last stop of the day...

... British Museum!

"And let thy feet
Millenniums hence
be set in midst of knowledge"

The entrance hall was superb and so filled with light! We quickly moved towards the Egyptian exhibition, since that olden culture has been a passion of mine through most of my childhood.

And I got to see the Rosetta Stone! That was a life goal of mine some years back - so quite an achievement on my part. We were supposed to see the Antique Greek part as well since Kristine loves that!, but suddenly the museum closed. We had planned for it's closing to be around 5-6, but it closed earlier than that. So sad!

Buuuut the girl got to buy some sweet - and cheap! - books in a local book store instead.


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  1. Haha, jeg har bare glemt halvdelen af hvad der skete :'D
    Hvor er det fedt at se flere billeder og jeg savner virkelig London (og dig).
    Jeg tror den lille park hed et og andet med W.. Hvertfald noget i den retning, og jeg kan også godt li hvor ukultivrede vi fremstår da halvdelen er all "lolno, long line, lolhey, too late"<3

  2. Oh dear god all those pictures of amazing things and amazing girls - AND THE TARDIS.

  3. nice to finally see real pictures of your trip! :D It seem like you had a really good time, and all that planning paid off for you guys. But you only saw one squirrel? last time I was in London, I fed them with peanuts and the squirrels were all over my bag of nuts!

  4. Løøøøøb Astrid Løøøøøøøøøøøb XD <3

  5. Hi there!

    I love your blog! I was in London in october/november and it was amazing. One of my dearest photos is one with the TARDIS. When I saw it I couldn't believe it!

    Kisses from Barcelona