torsdag den 28. juli 2011

Partir à Paris! Convention part

Now for the main reason I journeyed to Paris! Japan Expo's 12th impact took place in Paris du Nord. I went with 7 other Danes, some invited to the European Cosplay Gathering, some just there for fun.

I brought my Kim Possible cosplay and wore it on Friday, because we were going to shoot by the Eiffel Tower (since that's where Kim always fights off the bad guys in France). Boy, was it cold. I ended up wearing my jeans on my arms just to keep warm.

The venue was. so. big. Enormous! It took half an hour to get from one part of the location to another. Also due to the many people participating. It was said to be around 200.000?!

Sørine and Abena was the Danish group in the ECG. Here in their Utena cosplays. So many people stopped them all the time. It seriously took us an hour to get to the gardens, which usually took 5-10 minutes. Crazy.

I made my Paprika cosplay for Japan Expo and wore it Saturday. It was so comfortable to walk around in, haha!
Usually I never drink Coke, since I don't like how the bubbles go up in my nose, but I really drank a lot this weekend. You just needed the energy. Sørine mistakenly tore her clip off her Coke, haha.

Mona was the solo representative for Denmark. Here in Sailor Moon. I snapped some pictures of all three girls, and while prepping for Abena and Sørine's shoot a father wanted to take a photo of Mona and his child. But she was more interested in me/my camera, haha.

I was so annoyed! I had bought black lenses for this cosplay, but my eyes were so dried out that I didn't dare wear them. Why even buy them, then? But oh well, it didn't matter since no one recognized me other than the Danes.

I stayed at the same hotel as all the ECG cosplayers and got to talk well with a lot of them. It was really fun to meet new people and share experiences. Kimberly and Abena looked so cute with their desserts!

Nerdy lego. Hogwarts castle and Star Wars. The castle was amazing, complete with the Great Hall, dormitories and all.

The. scale. of. the. location! Still blows my mind.
My reason for cosplaying Paprika was the fact that Expo held an exhibition in memory of Satoshi Kon. I found it Saturday.

Some pieces were focused on just one of Satoshi Kon's creations while others were a collection of almost all of his works.

I loved that first painting. So touching.

One booth in the Expo had these paper figurines. They were utterly incredible. Look at that Sleeping Beauty castle! And Woody was adorable.

A Hoggy Warty Hogwarts table to promote the Tour of the Set opening in 2012. And a mass of Polaroids!

Abena, Sørine and myself went in the Pokemon bus. You "flew" to the Pokemon world and then had to battle your way to find some new Pokemon on the DSs. Apparently Sørine was the first to have ever found it in time!

We held a snack-party at the hotel, where all the countries had brought snacks from their home country. We Danes brought liquorish and Toms chocolate turtles. The Toms candy was a big hit, haha.

The cosplay/event stage was huge. 40.000 people could fit in there and there were every kind of lighting up there. And 4 big screens so that every one could follow what was going on up on the stage. I watched the ECG show, the WCS selections, the Comic Con show and a concert with movie soundtracks (from Harry Potter etc.).

Gross-yet-sort-of-amazing tea-ish drink sold at the convention. And me fist-bumping with Mr. Green Lantern.


6 kommentarer:

  1. wow I'm so jealous! It must have been amazing *-*

  2. I'm really looking forward to see your Kim pictures with the Eiffel Tower!! :'D

    And Japan Expo sounds so big that it's scaaaary! I can't imagine that being stopped by photographers all the time made the place seem smaller as well XD

    And your Paprika cosplay looks super cute!

  3. Det er BUBBLE-TEA!! Mega populært i ASIA haha!!

    Og ser ud som om det har været en dejlig tur n_n Du ser kær ud som Paprika ♥

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