onsdag den 13. juli 2011

M-m-mischief managed (Potter DH part 2)

I have now watched part 2 of the Deathly Hallows... I participated in Imperial cinema's Mega Marathon with all 8 films with the first 6 movies on Monday and parts 1 and 2 on Tuesday. Stine and Astrid accompanied me. The Limited Edition Harry Potter 3D-glasses were brilliant. I reckon I'll use them for every 3D movie I watch after this day.

Part 2 was a midnight screening. In Denmark the movie premiered today, on the 13th. We feel so lucky to have it so early!
It was kind of funny how the countdown screen was actually just a PowerPoint slide - we saw the actual off-slide screen several times. The last picture says "Here we go!". When the staff wrote that everyone in the audience just stomped their feet quickly on the floor for a whole minute in anticipation.

I dressed up as Luna Lovegood as she is one of my favourite characters. I tried to do her outfit as she looked in my head when I read the book instead of the movie-version. I liked Luna in this movie as well though - she had some excellent lines.

Everyone in the cinema had done something Pottery with their looks, be it a full costume or a simple House tie. It was so amazing.
As usual Imperial had dolled up the hall for the occasion. But this time they simply outdid themselves. Brooms and Dementors from the ceiling, spiders and the likes on the floor, spells on the walls and tables filled with wizard artifacts.

The 3D was not bad at all. We had been fearing it since 3D in live actions is usually not the best in the world. But it did not bother me all that much. My eyes hurt a bit but I suspect that was from crying so much... All those memories from the last at least 11 years just combined and made me feel terribly nostalgic.

That Fred Weasley... I find him to look quite spot on. Oh god, tearing up again.
And yes, that is the cinema staff, wearing hats and House ties. They rule.

I do not wish to spoil, since I know the movie has not come out in many countries. I must say this though: McGonagall impressed me. Hogwarts being destroyed made me feel utterly miserable. Ron and Hermione's kissed was lacking. Room of Requirement-scene was my favourite. The Hogwarts Suits of Armour were spectacular.
But I must admit that I was a teeny bit disappointed. Plus I feel so uncomfortably empty inside. I don't know if the two things are connected though. They changed a lot of things - some I did not like, some I did. I think I have to let it all sink in for a little longer.

"Hogwarts will always welcome you home." Jo Rowling.

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  1. Rigtig flot udklædning! Elsker den måde, du altid er 100% på! :)

    Jeg flæbede også det meste af filmen, men det tvivler jeg på jeg vil gøre anden gang.. Jeg følte der var nogle "hovsa-løsninger" en gang i mellem.. Og selvom jeg dør lidt indvendigt, så blev der ikke gjort nok af Fred, og alt det.. der.. Buuh.