fredag den 29. juli 2011

Louis Vuitton speeding by

For my birthday I wished for money from my family because I wanted to buy a very special hand bag. That bill says "Happy Birthday Liv!" And today I spent them all.

This is my excited face. And my attempt at being a bit stylish, so that the clerks in Louis Vuitton wouldn't give me dark looks, haha.

And I came home carrying the most expensive thing I have ever bought. Oh wow, it seemed so odd to have used so many kroners in just one day. Still does. But I have been adoring these bags for 3 years now.

Certificate and wrapping bag... And my baby in all its glory. It's a Speedy in size 35.

Seriously, I am so happy right now haha. The after-purchase chock has subsided a bit and I think I am ready to fully enjoy my new acquirement.

how to make gifs
How to make gifs

What am I doing? I don't even bloody know. The bag is multi-attributive - can also be used as a hat! (?)
Happiness gives the oddest of reactions you know.


3 kommentarer:

  1. So you finally bought it :'D (I thought you got it as a present when you had birthday, haha~) Such a great investment - the print is timeless and gorgeous!
    And it's fun to see what bag design you chose! I never would have guessed that you choose this bag design :'D

    But please don't turn in to one of those girls that screams when someone puts her LV bag on the floor xD "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH THIS COST?! IT JUST HAS TO BE ON THE TABLE!!" hahaha, I've met that kinda girls xD

    Btw I really hope you're going to use it as a bag. Because, hon - that hat ain't doing anything good for your eyes.

  2. Ahhhh awesome. :D Tillykke!!