fredag den 22. juli 2011

Experiencia Malaga! Part 2

We only lived 20 minutes from the sea and I just had to jump in. It was colder than I expected! But very refreshing nevertheless. I was so happy that it was windy, so that waves came crushing in - it makes swimming so much more fun.

We went into Malaga city one day to look around. Their high street was very open and light - and so tall compared to Copenhagen! I bought some sale items that I will share with you guys later on.

Being close to the sea of course meant a lot of fish for dinner and lunch. I tasted ray fish for the first time, which was an interesting try. I liked it a lot to be honest, which makes me sort of morose since rays are one of my favourite sea animals.

Oh yes, seeing the Jonas Brothers on a cracker cover really was a mega chok.

Whenever I use euro I feel like I spend so little money, because 7,5 kroner is 1 euro. It can be dangerous in the sale season haha!

Sun, freckles and buying pool toys.

It was one nice pool. Really spacious when it was just the 5 of us!

I've seen stalactite caves before, but apparently this was the biggest in the world. It was huge, I must admit. But the ones I saw i France seemed just as big.
When you step into one of these wonders you fall silent, just as you would do when you stepped into a church. Awe enters every particle in your body, when you try to wrap your brain around the concept of nature creating it all.

Oh, and apparently Jabba the Hut visited the caves as well!

Sun setting and my father in darkness.

It was so nice to just disconnect from the busy world. Out house had no internet, no television and no radio. But in the end I was craving blogging, reading Mugglenet and chatting up friends. I had even bought drawing books like the ones I used when I was 5, just to give myself something to do.
So I was looking forward to returning home.

Our house was in this city - Canillas de Aceituno. The arrow shows the spot.

And the sun set on the final day. We packed up and enjoyed our last night visiting a restaurant where - SURPRISE - a wedding took place. We bid the wonderful mountains farewell and watched the water in the lake move around.

Driving to the airport, we had to stop because a horse stood in the middle of the road. We had heard something resembling a horse outside our house in the middle of the night and were please to know we had not been imagining the stray horse.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Aww looks wonderful, and funny to see that map.
    My grandmother used to have a house in the near placed village called Nerja not far from where you lived !!
    I have been there SOOO many times, and recognize a lot of your pictures, including the stalactite caves, the center of Malaga and AlHambra <3

  2. Stupid, cold water :c Why doesn't it get warm until in the late summer?!

    The blue water in the pool *-* Totally makes me wanna go on a beach-vacation, haha!
    And the stalactite caves sounds very impressive! I've never visited them before! random horse xD