søndag den 17. juli 2011

Horcruxes and Mickey

Look what I received! My pre-ordered copy of Dear Mr. Potter. I immediately spotted the sender's address and tore the package up. Then I just sat there, clenching the book. I looked back on the package and saw the sender's signature... And I must admit - it really looks like it belongs to Lily Zalon! It is so cool that she sends off the books!

Then of course I had to open it. And just by reading those two lines on the first page, my heart grew warm and fuzzy. A feeling that stayed there as I read on. Harry Potter as a series has indeed come to an end, but it lives on in all of the fans' hearts. In my heart.
I used to look upon my Potter fandom as a very private matter, one I only shared with selected individuals... But it seems that that is about to change. For example, I finally joined several Harry Potter clubs on dA.

The entirely wicked 3D glasses. God, I love them!
I even took them with me at work - just carried them around in my pocket.

Tiny font is tiny hahah.
I watched the Deathly Hallows: part 2 again on the 13th. This time with Kristine and Emil! I just had to see it on the actual premiere.
Even though I went to the theater straight from work I accomplished getting all of my Luna stuff on. I just changed in the train, haha. Some people were really looking at me when I put on the wig, haha!

Kristine loving Snape. Who can blame her? I think everyone in the cinema was crying their hearts out in you-know-which-scene.
Danish television was there to film some fans... Myself included. But no one I know has seen any of the recordings. It really annoys me!

I simply cannot wait to see it again with my mother. She has (and still does) played a big part in my journey with Harry, since she read the first 3 books aloud to me...

Whilst working yesterday a man came over to me and asked how long I had worked for Disney. Which isn't long, you know, since the Store only opened up a month ago. And then he announced that next year would mark his 40th year with Disney in Florida. I was actually touched and I feel honoured to have met him.


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  1. Kristine her:
    Du er så sød <3 Tak fordi du gad se filmen med dig og ej hvor ærgeligt det slet ikke er blevet brugt på tv!