tirsdag den 19. juli 2011

Experiencia Malaga! Part 1

I actually arrived to the Harry Potter Mega Marathon last week directly from the airport, since I'd been to Malaga, Spain, with my parents and my semi-aunt and semi-uncle. And boy, has it been a change in the weather. Here in Denmark it is raining, while it was 35-39 degrees in Spain during my stay there!

We had rented a house in the mountains about an hour's drive from Malaga city. It was so quiet and calm - only the cicadas made any noise. The nature was quite breathtaking.

Four houses shared one pool, but we were the only ones there for that week. Which meant we had the pool all to ourselves! I spent a lot of time there, reading Harry Potter and dipping my body when it was dry from the last dip.

The houses were not far from a small village. It was very cozy and filled with locals that looked at our very pale skins, haha.

One of the days we drove to Alhambra and saw the palace and surrounding gardens. That building in the first photo really made me think of the Three Musketeers! It looks so much like one of the sets from the play I watched last summer.

I had heard that to experience Alhambra was really something, so I had naturally thought the place must be grand. That is why I was a little bit disappointed with the scale of it, since I had expected it to be so much bigger.

According to texts found in this palace, the engravings state that Allah is mighty. I couldn't know this to be true or false though, since I don't read Arabic.
And oh wow, there was a surprisingly big amount of birds! They flew in formation, almost as to show off.

Alhambra was really spectacular though. All the detailing was quite amazing. I kept thinking that I must have taken just as long engraving the details as painting on all the gold in the Saint Peter's Church in Rome.

The Generalife garden was small but very nice. I loved the hedge! Its branches were so compressed that you could not push your hand any more that 5 cm in!

And then, sitting in a nice cafe, my semi-Uncle proposed! After 19 years together nevertheless. Of course she said yes. It was quite an experience to see it all happening from the sidelines. It really is not common to be able to participate in a proposal, is it now?

Champagne, champagne!

This vacation has already become a "family" legend...


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  1. Looks so nice and sounds so awesome! envy .. much! :D haha <3
    And proposal o___o just to make everything even more perfect. aww

    Poor thing being back to rainy Denmark after such a great vacation n___n'