mandag den 7. marts 2011

Yodeling in swedish

This weekend OkashiiCon 2011 was held in Malmö, Sweden. It takes about an hour to get there from my home, so even though it's in another country it's easy to get there - verrrry nice.
It's the second time this convention was put together but my first time going.

It was great fun! A whole lot of my friends were there along with the almost 500 other people(!)
Can you tell that Line and I are having a great time? No, I guess you can't....

Saturday I wore my Jessie to celebrate her winning 2 Oscars - kind of, at least - and Sunday I went for curls and stripes.
These 4 upper pictures are by Ali.

I brought Woodie with me, just for kicks. Actually Buzz was with me as well, but he broke 5 minutes after I took him downstairs haha (he's meant to be able to break, I'll fix him in no time).
My friends loved pulling my string and hearing me shout the Jessie doll's lines, haha.

Sascha and I. Woodie's hat looks good on us, right?

The convention was situated in the city center wich was really great! They hadn't planned a whole lot of events but it didn't matter all that much because we could just walk two steps and then stand in McDonalds or H&M. Saturday morning we actually went shopping, haha!
We practically lived off McD. Astrid makes that clear, right?

Damn, I was carrying so much stuff! Why is it that I always choose to bring the cosplays that are hardest to transport? Jessie's hat was really a pain in the....

Glad I went!! Thanks for a great time guys.


6 kommentarer:

  1. butt :D <3

    Jeg elsker virkelig dit cosplay. Anede ikke du havde en snor bagi ö Håber jeg får chancen for at se dig med det på på et tidspunkt!
    Jeg er overhovedet ikke misundelig over hvor supermegafoxyawesome i har haft det uden mig :c

    I ser allesammen åndssvagt søde ud og Woody er en totalt hardcore prop :D!

  2. muf muf I love your Jessie! :3
    Du er så god som hende! OwO og det var awesome endelig at se det irl. >w<b

  3. Det ser så hyggeligt ud ! Og dit cosplay er jo virkelig godt, er faktisk super glad for at du har fået taget så gode billeder af det :D

  4. Dollface! <3
    Du var så super fin! :3

  5. Tak for en rigtig god weekend søde Liv ♥

  6. Liv, you crazy girl ♥ I had so much with you! JODDELOOOOHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!