torsdag den 10. marts 2011

Not a day that'll go down in history

I probably live at the place in Copenhagen where most airplanes fly low. Sometimes I can even hear their roarrrr from inside my home.
Most of the time I love it because I think of the travels I've been on and the amazing experiences others are either traveling to or home from.
But once in a while I really can't stand it. One of those whiles are right now. Spring is supposed to start March 1st and yet it fricking snowed today. And I just want to feel some warm sun all over my body.
Thank god for study trips to Barcelona (18 days to go)!

To brighten up this post just a bit, here's a nice shining sun for you all. And a nice story from today:

I overheard two old ladies talking. One of them points in the direction of a large amount of apartment buildings and says:
"Can you see that building with the blue roof over there? One of the rather tall buildings? Yes? Good. Many moons ago that was where Peter and I lived. We moved in when we were just newlyweds. At that time it was the only building in the area and we could see all the way to the city centre because it was the tallest building in this part of town."
And then she just stood with a nostalgic smile on her face and remembered the times that passed.
I tend to remember how quickly the world has transformed into the one we all live in.


4 kommentarer:

  1. Den historie gjorde mig lidt glad <3


    Haha, du er også lidt en hippie. Har tit den følelse også. Er glad for at vide jeg ikke er den eneste.

  3. I can imagine that after some time, those airplanes are pretty irritating.. Poor you, I hope the snow will be gone soon! In the Netherlands it's also pretty cold all the time, but now it's getting warmer, I hope it will be warmer there soon too!
    Aww what a sweet story!

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