mandag den 21. marts 2011

Lengthy soul

While watching Big Fish this Saturday I made some new nails. I was in need of some lenght and some spring colours!
Today spring was really noticeable - sun and about 7 degrees. Unfortunately snow will fall once again in just two days...

... so better make the best of it while it's here! I finally got around to wearing my lovely trench. Status: Still loves it to pieces.

I also did one of the most bizarre things I've ever done this weekend. I watched the live broadcast of the ABC family Harry Potter weekend with my friend Kristine, whom is located all over in Jutland. So we watched online live american television online together. Seriusly, that is bogus.

Give me your soul by ~Liv-is-alive on deviantART

I'm really slow when it comes to my deviantart. So I uploaded one of my fave shots from the InuYasha shoot in Octobre TODAY. And I think some more will be added in the next months... I just think it's nicer when there's more than a week between submissions.


3 kommentarer:

  1. Mmmmhmmm! jeg elsker virkelig dit outfit <3

  2. Love your nails and makeup <3
    Awwh, "only" 7? We had 12 today :D