torsdag den 17. marts 2011

World in trouble

Free ice cream! Apparently 7-11 has started a tradition because they did it last year too. At 14:00 they handed free ice creams out. The line was crazy!!!

We were a whole bunch of people from my class and school. So much fun!
I overhead some students from another year talking about the fact that they skipped a class to be able to come down at the corner and stand in line. That's just plain... pathetic, haha!

But everything isn't nice and peachy...

Off here.

I finally received word from everyone I know in Japan today - Danes and Japanese - and they are all okay. My god, what a relief!
It's so horrible, the whole situation. It seems so unfair that Japan may be facing radiation once again... My heart was aching when I watched the 9 o'clock news yesterday about the volunteers at the Fukushima power plant... Such a tragedy. Every time I remember my stomach is one huge knot.

Let's keep on praying for Japan,

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  1. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

  2. I pray with you.
    Its all very horrible, much more than the news can ever tell :(

  3. My friend and I visited 3 different 7-elevens today and got ice-cream at all of them, haha. They're now chilling in her freezer (pun intended), so we can eat them when it gets a bit warmer. I did had the "Ghana" one today tho, it was good.

    I won't pray, but my heart goes out to everyone in Japan and everyone else affected by this event :( ♥

  4. Why didn't you get more icecream if it was free?!?! But oh wow, crazy kids. Standing in line so long just for some free icecream - in this cold weather :'D

    Good to hear that your friends are okay!

  5. OMG en kø haha :D bare for en is.. det gad jeg nok ikke XD måske hvis det var godt vejr.. Ja, vi må håbe at folk klarer sig derovre!