mandag den 14. marts 2011

Emerald striped

Have I mentioned how extremely unfair prices in H&M are? Seriously, 70 % of the male clothing are below 100 DKK. I am loving this 80 DKK male jumper. Mmmmhm, stripes!

I only just recently watched The Wizard of Oz. I know, it's basically a crime that I had not watched it before. The funny thing is that I used to watch a bunch of old-school musicals when I was around 8 or something. But not Oz!
I'm really glad that I've seen it now! So many references makes sense now! Before I would be mystified when someone mentioned the name Toto, Emerald city or "a horse of a different color". Not anymore..!


7 kommentarer:

  1. Du er så pæn at kigge på, og hvis du vil ha det bedre har jeg heller aldrig set Wizards of Oz :P <3

  2. Naarj, du ligner jo et stykke slik. 8D Hvor er du fin i striber!

  3. iiih, sikke en fin lille bolchefarvet pige! Det er virkelig et fint outfit. Jeg tror du tiltrækker foråret. Jeg håber det.

  4. Is that really for men? That's :'D You look sooo much better in it than any guy would!

    And shame on you, Liiiv :(

  5. Haha nice jumper!! I like it! :D And back to spring and usamimi <3

  6. H&M got a bit more expensive than I imagined :/

    On the bright side you're rocking the striped, beautiful as always ♥

  7. sweet jumper!! and yeah, h&m really prefers males haha
    ... to be honest I never watched that movie. Don't know why, is it good?